Monday, August 27, 2007

a night of bbq

My blog is practically dead. It's been more than a month since I last updated 'cause there was nothin' to update bout. Even if there were stuffs to talk bout I was probably too lazy to update or too busy facing my books to be bothered with my blog. Ok, enough bout my dead blog 'cause I'm back (for awhile). Hanna Banana invited us (me, Alia, Nunu, Anis, Mimi, Syamir, Wai Meng, Harith and Zharif) to her family barbecue dinner on Saturday night.
It was a night of pure enjoyment and laughter. What a good way to break our tension as PMR trials resumed on Monday (arrggh!!!). The food were all scrumptious and thank you Hanna and family for being such a great host. Harith and Nunu had a fun time throwing around chicken bones at each other. LOL! Here's some pics from the night.
All smiles for the camera!

Me and Mimi yang HOT!

OMG! The mess we created after eating but don't worry we cleaned it up (or did we?)

Nunu blocking her face from the chicken bones!

P/S Good luck to muah's friends who are taking PMR trials this week!!!