Monday, December 31, 2007


Tomorrow would be a fresh, new start in most of our lives, a new year, 2008. 2007 had been an amazing year for me. Let's have a little recap on what went on with my life in the year 2007:

- The start of 2007 with fabulous months ahead of me
- Started the schooling year with a new class, 3 Batai
- Played for SMKDJ's Under 15 netball's team at MSSD level
- Ibu's 44th birthday

- The pace of 2007 started to speed up a lil and 3 Batai's BM debate team (consisted of me, Daryl and Keefe) won 1st place in the interclass debate
- Departure of ibu to the States, leaving my dad and I at home for the next 4 months but she left her love with us. LOL

- The month where I 'fired' my home tutor for being rather......unhelpful on my lessons
- Had a friendship crisis but thankfully everything was fine at the end

- Represented school in English debate for the first time at KDU English Debate Competition. Though we didn't clinch any of the top positions, it was good exposure for the team.
- DJ won 1st place in Science Quiz Competition at district level when DJ's team (me, Joel and Luke) managed to stay at the top of the game

- Geared up for mid term exams and thankfully my grades were up after I joined a tuition centre and not with my ex-tutor
- My maternal grandma was hospitalised because of some heart problems, puttting the family in a 'blue funk' situation
- My 15th birthday!

- Mid term holidays!!!
- Enjoyed 2 weeks of June in the East Coast of USA with my parents. One of the most memorable holidays of my life

- A poem written in BM by me was chosen to represent DJ and won 1st prize at district level

- Busy with PMR trials so there wasn't much to do other than study

- Hmm...can't think of anything worth recaping. Probably busy studying for PMR. Gawd, my life's boring!

- THE month finally came. From 1st to 5th, most form 3s were brain storming for the big PMR exams
- Eid Mubarak was celebrated by my family in modesty in Pahang. Had a small open house on the 2nd week of Syawal

- End year holidays and the end of Form 3!
- And for the holidays, I became a reading teacher to my 7 year old cousin and I'm happy to tell that he's better now compared to when he first started. So my teachings paid off!

- I joined Turkish classes and will do so for the next 6 months. And the classes are free! And if I'm good enough, I'll be able to go to Turkey next year
- Eid ul-Adha was celebrated in Pahang again and also in a spa resort in Cyberjaya for my family
- And I got 8As for my PMR!

So basically that was how my 2007 went on. With each moment spent, it brought a new experience to me. And hopefully 2008 would be an even greater, happier, more exciting year.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

8 As!!!

The day most 15 year olds in Malaysia had been waiting for finally arrived this morning. The PMR results day! I'd been worried and nervous about today and well honestly I didn't know what to expect from my results. I had high expectations from people around me and if I let them down by not achieving what was targeted...well that would be quite a major disaster for me.

And so the verdict......I got 8 As!!! Alhamdullilah. Finally my hardwork for the year paid off. My friends and I were practically trembling an hour before the results were released. Lol. Hanna and Anis actually cried before they even knew what they got. And finally at around 11 am Puan Tan gave out the results and I would say Bataians did really well this time. And Nunu got 8 As too and oh my, she was really surprised that her shrieks could be heard echoing the entire hall. But it's totally fine seeing as how happy she was.

And so the year 2007 ended with a big bang for me and great congratulations to all of you who did extremely well for your PMR! Hopefully, we'll get to continue this success in the future =)

Hmmm... I'm wondering what should I ask from my parents?

Monday, December 24, 2007

aidil adha, resort and bday treat

Morning of Aidil Adha with Irfie

The night of the feast

The first fish I ever caught!

In the balcony of the resort

The shoes Hanna bought for me!

This week had been the most exciting week of my life ever since holidays started. I was busy with Aidil Adha the last few days. Gosh, was it fun! My grandma held a huge feast or 'kenduri' on Saturday and for the first time in my life I was part of the 'cooking team' that prepared the food for the 100 people who came on that day. And I never did so many work in my life as many as that particular day. From chopping onions to cleaning up the slaughtered meat to entertaining the guests, I did it all. But it was something different for me so it was ok.

So after 5 days in Pahang, my parents and I spent a night at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa. And for the 2nd time in my life I went fishing and for the 1st time in my life I actually caught a fish! After fishing at the lake in the resort, I tried my hands at tennis and boy, do i suck badly in it....and right before we left, we went for a dip in the pool.

From the resort, I shot straight to OU to celebrate Nunu's belated birthday. And my dearest Hanna bought me a pair of shoes from Vincci. Thanks a bunch babe! And now let the pics above do the rest of the talking =)

Saturday, December 01, 2007


MERHABA! That would mean 'Hello' in Turkish. I started my first Turkish language class yesterday. It was totally fun! Alparslan and Soats came to my house to teach Najwa and me Turkish and I never thought that learning could ever be this entertaining. This class was actually part of the Turskish Language Olympics. You learn Turkish for 6 months, sit for an exam at the end of that period and if you pass with flying colours, you'll get to go to Turkey for 3 weeks for FREE!

I asked a few of my friends to join along but the response I got was disappointing or rather shocking. When asked to join this class, one of them said, "Sorry, this isn't my thing. No fun in it". Jeez. You didn't even try and you assumed it would not be fun. Well the thing was that I think this friend of mine did not see knowledge seeking as something fun. Yea, I know, I sounded like a total nerd there.

But really, it's interesting to learn something new and fresh about the world, about other people's cultures, heritage, history or language. And many of us don't see that. I learned something about the Turks, they're proud of their motherland, their history particulalyly the Ottoman Empire, their language, their literature, in short, they were proud about anything and everything that had to do with Turkey.

And the Turkish were one of the nicest people I'd ever met. So yea, you should go to Turkey if you possibly can. You'll enjoy it very much like I did 2 years ago. =)

Gule Gule
(Goodbye in Turk)