Thursday, April 10, 2008

more debates

Yes Nunu my blog's as good as being DEAD. I had been too busy with sooo many stuff that I had lil time to update the blog. Anyway DJ's debate team had another round of debate today in SMK Assunta and we went against SMK Sri Permata with the motion 'Internet enhances global unity'. We were the government and WE WON and officially the champion of Petaling Utara district!!! And Keefe got best speaker too ;)

However, I wouldn't say that today's performance was one of our best. The debate got pretty messy when the opposing team challenged the parameter so we were trying to debate on 2 tiers. We didn't really nail down the other team but I think our caseline was more clear cut and stronger. There was an air of solemnness when the whole team gathered for a 'post mortem' while we discussed on what we should have done until Puan Koh commented on how sad we looked as if we lost the debate.

But hey this whole experience is about learning from your mistakes and as we move on, we will improve ourselves by looking back at our mistakes and try to do much better next time around. And thanks 10000x again to Kevin, Puan Koh, Marc, John, the Form 5 debaters, Adeline, Kalkena and of course my ever so wonderful teammates for working so hard for this team. We're all in this together, peeps!

But for now I have to concentrate on something else that requires more of my attention: my studies! Gotta hit the books!