Saturday, July 29, 2006

choir pm session, u rock!!!!!

Just came back from Hari Penghargaan Ko-kurikulum. I was supposed to wake up late today but instead I had to reach school by 7 am. Anyway, I went there to collect my 2 prizes (choir and netball) and also to perform on behalf of choir.

The afternoon session sang 2 songs which was "Untukmu Malaysia" and "I Bought Me A Cat". Well, the english song was really stupid and lame but I guessed the audiences found it rather entertaining and hilarious. Here's some of the list of the winners for this year:

Persatuan Akademik Terbaik (sesi pagi) : English Language Society
Persatuan Akademik Terbaik (sesi petang) : Persatuan Sains dan Matematik

Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik (sesi pagi) : DJnet Club
Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik (sesi petang) : KELAB MUZIK DAN KOIR (unbeliavable!)

Persatuan Pakaian Seragam Terbaik : Kadet Remaja Sekolah (suprisingly scouts did not win this year)

Sukan dan Permainan Terbaik : Cheer Team (knew it)

I can't believe my beloved choir won "Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik" for afternoon session. But we did work hard for it and all the credits should be given to the ever dedicated Pn Nancy Lee who's been really strict with us nowadays so that we'll be more discipline. And also to the other committed choir members who had worked really hard by practising everyday for the past few weeks.

Determination and commitment are the keys to success.........

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Wooo hooo!!!!! Miracle does happen. Believe or not, HEBAT got 1st place for overall as well as cheerleading during sports day! Also, 3rd placing for marching.

The marching team was obviously doing better this year than last year. I guess if you are under a good leadership, victory is not a question anymore but in fact an answer. So, this year under the wings of the seniors, (Daniel, Aiman, Wei Kit, Aaron and others) we finally got a position in the marching competition. Kudos to all of them!

I actually regretted for not joining marching this year since it was so fun to see all of them doing their formations. Maybe next year. Anyway, I'm freaking proud of HEBAT for being the champion this year when they are only the underdogs before this.

We are definitely moving to a greater level of victory next year!

Monday, July 24, 2006

tell me what to do!!!!

Aargh!!!! Just 'cause of this one harmless boy, 3 friends are having 2 different arguments. Here's what happened:

Girl A likes Boy B secretly. Then, girl A's friend, girl C went and told B that girl A likes him. B's response was, "But I dun't like her". It was meant to be a secret but C just went on to tell him. I knew 'bout it and told girl A 'bout that.

The reason I told A that the boy knows she likes him 'cause C told him was that she was upset these days 'cause B was like avoiding her. I don't wanna see my friend being miserable with her not knowing the real cause of it. When she knew 'bout it she was upset with girl C for spilling the beans to boy B.

Now, girl A is upset with girl C and girl C might be upset with me. I seriously don't know what I should do now. But I still think what I did was right 'cause I don't wanna see girl A still waiting for Boy B when he doesn't like her. Waiting for him is like waiting for rain in this drought.

Please tell me what to do 'bout this IF there is something I should be doing. (SIGH)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

GO, HEBAT!!!!!

A school day spend in the MPPJ stadium. Fun......not! It was 'saringan' day and I entered short putt. Unfortunately, I did not brag the top 3 positions. What do u expect when my competitors are people like Maxine who is good enough to be in MSSD (according to one of the seniors).

Anyway, my hope is that Hebat will be first this year after years of not becoming champion. Anis Sofia had a good chance of winning the 1.5 km race but at the last round, she can't take it anymore and fell flatly on the track.

I thought she passed out 'cause she wasn't moving at all for 'bout 15 mins. But actually she had muscle cramps. That didn't stop her from winning the 400m race later on. That's the spirit, gurl!!!

GO, HEBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

eng oral test

These few days, I was swamped with piles of works to do so no time to blog. Anyway, on Friday, we had oral test with Ms. Sathya. My topic was 'sleeping in class'. What a lame topic! I created some stupid story 'bout a boy who slept in class during a really boring sub and was punished by the teacher later on for sleeping in class by making him sleep on the floor without anything covering it.

Apparently, my classmates liked it, so, that's a relief. After that we had 30 mins before the end of the period so Ms, Sathya suggested games that we would like to play. We started off with the lame 'hangman' game. I never liked hangman. After that, we proceeded with the 'continue the sentence' game.

Giri started the game by saying "Mei Ching is an opera singer". Everything went well until it was Kelvin's turn to continue the story. His one was "Giri kidnapped her and brought her to his house ". That was still a bit ok but the climax was when it came to Sathiya's turn. He had no idea what to say then Wei Chern said to him "then she opened her clothes".

I said to Sathiya don't say it if you don't want Ms. Sathya to explode with anger 'cause it is something that should be censored. But then, Sathiya chosed wrong over right and said Wei Chern's sentence and the whole class erupted with laughter when he said it.

Not Ms. Sathya who, like I said exploded with anger. She started blabbing 'bout sanity and how corrupted our class is and started scolding Sathiya and Wei Chern for embarassing Mei Ching with those sentences. Mei Ching even cried.

Actually, I quite agree with Ms. Sathya (for the first time) bout how wrong the 2 boys were and they shouldn't be saying those sentences before that. I can totally feel what Mei Ching felt. She must be really embarassed by it.

This teach us a lesson not to care about our feelings only 'cause ours is not the only one that matters.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

'3 things'

These past few days had been a really boring one so nothing much to blog 'bout. Anyway, to those of you who wanted to know what '3 things' Chee Fai owed me, (especially Sam) here they are:

1. My precious pink debate rebuttal cards that he borrowed from me
(it was one of my first debates so it's like a treasure to me)

2. He promised to link me on his blog (it was a promise he made MONTHS AGO)

3. He promised to comment on my blog (something he promised MONTHS AGO TOO)

So, so far he already fulfilled 2 things which are no 2 and no 3. But the most important thing is the rebuttal cards which he still haven't return it back and for all I know, he might have lost it.

The '3 things' were really nothing but I don't know why both of us became really secretive 'bout it. Just wanting to feel like we have a big secret together once in awhile. LOL!

p/s hey, sam! sorry if u'r angry if we didn't wanna tell you 'bout wat happened this evening
'cause that one is a real secret.....

Saturday, July 01, 2006

guess who

Guess who cried his eyes out yesterday in 2 Belian? Sathiya G. Reason: He forgot to bring a cut out article of Star which was supposed to be paste on his NIE project. The dateline was yesterday and if you don't have a relevant article, your whole team is disqualified.

He was really mad and was crying real hard but at the same time tried to hide it. Then, came along Chee Ming who obviously came at the wrong time and asked him to pay money for the class fund or something like it. Sathiya grabbed Chee Ming's hand tightly and shouted at him, "I said I don't want to pay means I don't want to!" CM who was at utter shock moved away.

I was too, actually. Even Zhan Wen, Mr-I'll-Always-Answer -U kept quiet. I can't stand seeing people cry so I offered giving him my extra article of the Star to him. Though it's not really relevant to his theme, but it's better than nothing, right? So, he took it and case closed.

My advise to all is that: Think of an alternative first if you're in trouble rather than crying your
eyeballs off. Crying won't solve any of your troubles.