Thursday, December 06, 2012

Merdeka Photos

Right, so first things first, to fulfill my promise of putting up photos from the Merdeka Appreciation Day in Krash Pad. Yeah, yeah that was so 4 months ago.

But the photos are here! Special thanks to our awesome photographer, Megan for the lovely photos. Looking forward to work on a similar project with my team on our next summer break, insyaAllah :)

In no specific order. 

The Krash Pad children, the team and Tunku Abidin giving a big 'Merdeka!' cheer for the camera.

The children listening intently to our special Merdeka talk and video viewing

L-R: Alia, Kist, Elena, Alia, Tunku Abidin, me, Arvind

The judges of the Merdeka plays

Elena listening in to her group's ideas for their short play

Tunku Abidin giving his special Merdeka address to the children

The team with the programme coordinator of Krash Pad, Hasrul

Replica of Tugu Negara by them

That's all of us again. Till next year, hopefully!