Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tired of the word boy

BOYS, BOYS and BOYS.....That's what I hear 'bout these days. In the class, in the prefect's room, on the bus......everywhere. It seems that when you reach a certain age, boy's topic is like a must topic in your daily life, for girls that is.

What I don't understand is why must it be that topic all the time??? There are thousands of other interesting topics that can really be talked about but NO......!!!! Boys are still the main thing of all. I mean, it's totally fine to talk 'bout them once in awhile. I also talk 'bout how cute that boy and this boy is but there are limits, ok. In whatever we do, there are limitations.

When the girls are group together, the normal script would be:

1. "U know &?!!. sms-ed me last night. I was nice"
2. "My boyfriend said I'm sweet yesterday!!!"
3. " Ah, he is sooooo cute!!!"

and so on. u have to repeat the same kind of script everytime????? It's not that I hate boys or what. It's just that I get tired hearing the same topic and the same thing over and over again.

BOYS..........can live with them.
Can live without them.

Monday, June 26, 2006

SMKDJ as the debate champion

Guess who won the HELP Debate Championship 2006? You got it, baby! The awesome SMK Damansara Jaya! It was a really splendid debate. They went against SMK Convent Bukit Nenas for the semi-finals and their motion was "This house believes that a sovereignty of a country depends on a strong economy rather than a strong military (opposition)" They won , of course.

Next was against SMK St. Michael's with the motion "This house would make HIV screening a pre-requisite for a marriage (proposition). It was a neck to neck competition and I did not stay back for the results 'cause it was kinda late and I had to shoot of back to Pahang soon.

So, my mum sort of knew the chief adjudicator, Mr Latif since they work in the same place so she asked him through sms and ta-da! Our school emerged as the champion with the 3rd speaker of the team, Adeline won Best Speaker title! What a glorious day for our school.

I wished I could be as good as them.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

History repeats itself

After 3 days of only 5 hours of sleep each night, finally the DJ Open Debate organized by the English Society has ended.....for my team consisting of me, Samantha, Jun Wen and Jayshendra. To be in a debate team, your willingness to commit fully to the team is very important. That's what I learned from this debate comp.

Anyway, our first motion was "This house believes that Internet inhibits human's nature as a social being" and we were the opposition team. We went against the form 3s. I was kinda spooked by that time earlier on because they don't seem nervous at all especially Neal who seems really hyperactive. The 2nd speaker, Rabin even binded his speech!

But thank god we won against them! Next up the semifinal against the 2 Batai's team consisting of Keeth, Daryl and Jo-Yi. Uh-huh, we lost to this team before during the inter-class debate way back in Feb. The motion was "This house believes that the sovereignty of a country depends on a strong economy rather than a strong military" and we were the Government team. Tough motion? Oh, yeah it was a tough one for us.

To make things worse. During the semifinal, it was raining heavily so I had to shout out my speech on top of my voice and still then, they really couldn't hear it. So, just imagine how loud was the sound.

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. The 2 Batai's team won.......again! And Samantha won the "Best Speaker". (congrats!) I wish Daryl and his teammates good luck in the finals which I'm sure will be much tougher.

But one thing for sure, that won't be my last debate as a debater 'cause I'm starting to love debating. It's my passion now!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exam Results

After 2 weeks of holidays, I've gotten back all my marks. Sadly, my position might drop to don't know what number 'cause of the bloody Math results!!! Here is a list of my exam results:

BM: 91 (Yay! Improved by a few marks)
ENG: 87 (Not bad)
SEJ: 90 (If I have gotten full marks for my project, I'll at least get to draw with Wei Chern)
GEO: 87 (Wo-hoo!! The sub I hate the most and I get an A)
SCIENCE: 89 (Dropped a few marks....)
AG: 95 (YES!!! One of the highest in the class. He he he.)
SENI: 81 (Finally an A in seni)
KH: 91 (Not bad)
Math: (UH-huh, i'm not telling you this one)

So, basically my marks dropped like hell 'cause of Math. And Wei Chern is bloody happy now since he got to beat me in exams which he seldom did. Just watch out, man!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hilarious Cartoonival

I had an NIE meeting at Hana's house with my Fab Five team except for Samantha who was in Singapore. We managed to finish a poster and another 2 to go. I can't reveal the details of the poster yet since the dateline isn't over.

Anyway, at around 12.30 pm, my mum called and said that she got 5 extra tickets to go to the Cartoonival show in KL Convention Centre. I know what you're thinking right now. OK, fine. Cartoonival might be too childish for 14 year old teen but hey, they were free and worth RM 250 each.

So, since they were 4 people at the meeting, (Me, Hana, Grace and Amanda) I invited them to go with me plus my mum since she's the one who brought us there.

Oh, god! At first I regretted the idea of coming to the show since all I could see were kids aged around 2-10 years old. But no point turning back since we were in the Plenary Hall already. It was something like a broadway show with the famous cartoon network characters dancing and singing onstage. From Powerpuff Girls to Dexter the Laboratory to the Ayu and Yumi,(whatever they're called)... they were all there.

For a moment, it was kinda good to go back and enjoy the moments of your childhood like watching again these cute characters of your used-to-be fave tv show. But not for long! Suprisingly, the characters also rapped their songs! Hilariously cute.

My friends and I even my mum enjoyed the show although it was too childish for us. My mum even said that one of the characters who was apparently a human was cute. Well, I quite agree with her. LOL!!!