Monday, June 26, 2006

SMKDJ as the debate champion

Guess who won the HELP Debate Championship 2006? You got it, baby! The awesome SMK Damansara Jaya! It was a really splendid debate. They went against SMK Convent Bukit Nenas for the semi-finals and their motion was "This house believes that a sovereignty of a country depends on a strong economy rather than a strong military (opposition)" They won , of course.

Next was against SMK St. Michael's with the motion "This house would make HIV screening a pre-requisite for a marriage (proposition). It was a neck to neck competition and I did not stay back for the results 'cause it was kinda late and I had to shoot of back to Pahang soon.

So, my mum sort of knew the chief adjudicator, Mr Latif since they work in the same place so she asked him through sms and ta-da! Our school emerged as the champion with the 3rd speaker of the team, Adeline won Best Speaker title! What a glorious day for our school.

I wished I could be as good as them.

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