Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'the dead tree belongs to me'

All I did for holidays so far was eat, sleep, watch TV, internet (you get the picture). My parents were kinda pissed off with me for being such a lazy bum these holidays. I mean, how many of you people actually open up a 'real' book and study it during holidays??? How many???

So they nagged me a few days ago and asked me to start preparing for next year, start doin' my art work since I suck badly in art and also to pick up my violin and to start playing back after I had put it to 'rest' for more than a month.

I started doin' my drawing yesterday. I ran out of art blocks so I had to do it on A4 paper and colour pencils. Whatever, my job was to do a drawing and get it done no matter what material I used. I noticed that when I listened to Jessica Simpson's 'I Belong To Me' while doin' my art work, it got me really inspired to do it and finish up the piece (which most of the time I have problem to even get started).

So, by listening to the song plus the frustration of being nagged 'bout.... and WALLAH!! This is my master piece:

I know it sounds lame to make such a big deal out of a drawing that looked like it belong to some kindergarten kid but I'm actually kinda proud of myself of having to draw something that didn't look that weird without the help of ANYBODY. After like 3 months of not doin' anything artistic, I thought I'd lost my touches (not that I have any magical touches).

I don't know why I drew a dead tree, actually.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

having a hard time getting surveys done

I had an assignment which I was supposed to complete from the Young Reporter's Workshop I attended in the early Dec. I was supposed to do a survey on 5 people on global climate and water conservation and hand it on 15th of Dec.

But being the forgetful me, I totally forgot 'bout it after having a blast at my cousin's house for a week and missed the deadline until the NST people rang up my DAD and reminded him 'bout me not submitting the bloody assignment. They actually rang up my dad!!! WOW! This is more serious than not completing my schoolwork. They gave me 'till 20th Dec to finish it up. I feel a bit abused here (I have to photocopy survey forms, find respondents, etc etc.And what do I get? Nada!

But I went to Ikano, anyway, to do the survey. I know I could interview the same people (mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc...) but I opted for something different. Journalists don't interview the same old people over and over again, do they? So, in I went to the post office with my mum.The PO seemed like a perfect spot to do a survey since the service was slow and people would wait a long time.

Boy, was I wrong! The people there were really in-cooperative. They gave me all sorts of reason to avoid answering the survey. For god's sake, it's just a survey! One man said he could not speak English, (well,ok, that I can respect since he was an old man) and others when they said they could, after looking at it, they refused to fill in anything. One even complained it was time consuming and said she was in a hurry. Oh,yeah? Then why did I see her sitting at the same spot for another 20 minutes just staring at her nails when she could have actually answered a survey which would only take 5 to 7 minutes???

Haizz....so my mum and I just approached any one we spotted and asked them 'bout global warming and water conservation (including two young men trying to sell us something!)

I found out that Malaysians can be so unconcerned about their surroundings.What's wrong with answering a bloody survey??? Maybe it was a bit tough. Here are some of the questions:

1. What is global warming

2. Who is responsible for keeping water clean and how?

3. How will you save water from now on?

I noticed that when they were asked these questions, they hesitated before answering. Which just shows that we still don't get enough exposure on how to save the earth and make it a better place to live in.

Hey, government and NGOs, your campaigns on water conservation, save the rivers, yadda, yadda, ain't working!!

A copy of the survey that so many refused to answer....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

reporter in the making

On 2nd & 3rd of dec (last week), I went to an NST workshop called the 'Young Reporter's Workshop'. Yeah, I'm on my way to be a journalist...NOT!! Actually my parents sent me to this workshop to kill off some of my boredom due to the school holidays.

So I did learn some of the basic reporting skills needed to be a reporter. On the 2nd day of the workshop, my team (Bombastic Reporters!!) were supposed to interview a restaurant operator 'bout their water supply and they sent us to a 'mamak' restaurant. I don't mind being sent to a 'mamak' restaurant since I myself sometimes favour their food.

But the problem was that, the workers there didn't speak English and spoke a minimal of Malay. So I had to speak to them in very slow and simple Malay. I asked one worker, "Air paip dekat sini, belanja untuk sebulan berapa?" Loosely translated, the question meant: How much is the water usage here for a month?".

The guy answered me, "Ada banyak. Itu satu teh tarik RM 1.20. Milo ais, semua ada." Translation: There's a lot. One 'teh tarik' is RM 1.20. There's also Milo ice, there's everything,"
He thought I was asking him 'bout the drinks in the restaurant!!! Oh, well, I can't actually blame them, can I?

So then, we still had to go back and write up a story on water usage and water conservation in a restaurant. With practically nothing in hand, I still had to write the news and make the best out of it.

But it was rather interesting to be able to join this workshop. I did meet new friends and friends that I'd known before. But one thing for sure, I don't want to be a journalist 'cause writing is not really my 'cup of tea'.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

the poet in me

I'm suddenly inspired to write poems now. I guess I felt inspired when I went to my mum's poetry reading the other day. Before this I only knew how to READ not write poems. I guess it's time to unleash the poet in me now....if there's any. LOL! Here's a piece of poem I just wrote:

I Was A Fool
Oh yes, I was a fool,
To think that our friendship was like a love pool,
Filled with kindness and honesty.
We started great,
'Friends forever', you said,
Then came the time,
When you put me aside
for another friend.
Was it a girl friend or a guy,
I wonder why.
As the days and nights passed,
It finally came to me,
You were just a friend living in another shadow,
Putting up a terrific show,
Making others believe you're the innocent one,
And yet I was a fool,
To believe you as the person you're not.
So there, you go. It's based on something I experienced before. What do you think. Is it any good....for a first-timer?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

a night in a pub

Holidays are damn freaking bo-ring...I don't know 'bout you people but I rather be in school with my friends rather than just sitting at home doing nothing. Anyway, yesterday I went to a pub in KL. Yes, a pub, baby! I think I was the only under-18 teen who was there.

Unfortunately, I wasn't there with a boyfriend neither was it with my best friends. I was there with my....parents! Actually my mum was there for a poetry reading session in the pub called 'No Black Tie' so my dad and I just tagged along to give her a moral boost.

She was supposed to read 3 of her poems to the audience and I think they actually enjoyed it. My fave was the last piece which was "On the death of a great man". A very touching and inspiring piece of poem. It was 'bout my late grandfather who died way before I was born. Which was a sad thing because judging from the poem, he sounded like a really nice husband, father and grandfather which I'm sure he was.

I did learn new ways of reading poems either in english and malay after attending this poetry slam and hopefully can put it to good use sooner or later.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

heading for the future

The schooling year of 2006 has finally come to an end yesterday. It has been a great year....in the beginning. But as the days nearing it's end, I think the excitement of the year started to decline. The great thing about 2 Belian is that it's full of classmates that are willing to help you through your hardtimes and to cheer you on during your happy times.

But I have to say that some of them do hate each other sometimes and giving them that evil looks and stares and I think I'm in that group of being ignored by this people.

Anyway,I think it's a good thing to move up to Batai next year. I was sad about it earlier but now...hey, it should be fun to get to know new people closer. I already have a my seatmate in Batai next year. Thanks to Valerie who was really generous to offer me to sit beside her in class.

Forgetting the past and heading for the future. But of course I won't forget all those sweet memories I had in 2 Belian. Just going to forget those bitter memories I had these past few weeks.

Monday, November 13, 2006

life without maid

I was cleaning up the fish pond in my house or let's just call it a fish-pond-without-any-fish-in-it the other day when SPLASH! I went into the pond. Anyway, a night before my open house, mum decided to buy a pair of guppy fish for the pond so that the next day people won't ask why isn't there any fish in the pond.

Unfortunately, 2 days later, one of the fish died and the other one had gone missing without any trace. We even tried putting droplets of aromatherapy oil inside the water to give energy to the fish, minutes before it died but I guess the time had come for the thing to go.

And now, with my maid gone back to Indonesia for a month, I had to do everything on my own. From ironing my own clothes to cooking my own food or rather heating up all the leftovers. Now I know life without a maid and it ain't easy, you know? I guess I was too dependent on maids.

I better be going now as I have a sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed.

Friday, November 10, 2006

3 BATAI.......OH, NO!!!!

Pn Julie called me aside yesterday to tell me a news that really cluttered my brain right now. In a relaxed tone she told me,"Zafirah, awak akan ke 3 Batai tahun hadapan. Awak seorang je yang pergi yang lain in Belian akan stay". WHAT!!!!! I'll be in Batai where as all my friends are in Belian????

How could this happen to me? Some of my friends and teachers told me it's a good thing to go there 'cause it means I'm making a 'lil progress. Mum said I will get a new set of friends with a new environment.

Heck! I don't have time for a new environment next year. Fitting in a new environment takes time and I rather be using my time to prepare for my PMR next year. But whatever, I can't do anything 'bout it now. I thought of staying in Belian class 'til Form 5 but wth......

Well, I guess Batai shouldn't be that bad. For one thing, they have a great debate team there (if the members of their team this year remains in Batai next year) and for another, this maybe for the best of everything........hopefully.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

goodbye, pn nancy!

One of my favourite teacher, Pn Nancy has left SMKDJ for good. We had a retirement celebration for her and I played the violin while Nunu and Jac sang the 'Getaran Jiwa' song. Though some criticised the song being too boring and what not, I don't care a bit 'bout it. We chosed this song especially for her and we were there to entertain Pn Nancy not those people and as long as she was happy with that song, I'm more than glad 'bout it.

She was a marvellous and dedicated teacher. Never in my 8 years of schooling in 3 different schools (excluding my kindergarten's times) have I seen such a dedicated teacher who was willing to come to school on holidays to train her students, to pick up a student who lives 20 km away from her house just so that the student can attend choir practices (that's me!) and she had gave in a lot to the society as well as the school.

She reminded me of one thing yesterday. She told me not to forget to invite her to my wedding one day. OOOKKK.......I think I'm too early to think 'bout inviting whoever to my 'wedding' right now but ok, I will not forget to invite her.

Pn Nancy Lee......a one in a gazillion.

Monday, November 06, 2006

a day of unity

Me, Nunu, Syamir and Jay minutes before the concert (gawd I look weird!!!)

Yesterday's Konsert Perpaduan was a....success. We had 2 sessions of concert and I'm happy to say that both sessions were full house! The first session which was at 3pm, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting came and the second session which was at 8pm, some guy from the Ministry of Education came.

The objective of this concert is for unity. Well, the title says it all. The day was filled with students and teachers of various races working hard together to put up a great concert. You could really see the teamwork from each participants.

As for SMKDJ, I think we did pretty well. Our choir group sang 3 songs which was in BM, Indian and Cantonese. All of us planned this performance way back in June. So, you know how hard we worked for this thing.

Even though there were some bumps and hitches along the way, i.e. some choir members pulled out from the group, not coming for practices (I did that quite often..) but we still manage to put up quite a spectacular show and I have it all to thank for to Pn Nancy for always pushing us to do the right thing and of course, the choir members who were loyal enough to stick with the group 'till the end.

But the weird thing was that Diong actually got interviewed by 8TV newsteam. Out of almost 500 participants who were there, they chosed him. Unbeliavable! But I couldn't understand what the interview was all about 'cause it was in chinese but still...he wasn't the ONLY chinese around.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


My famiy and I on the morning of Raya

Hari Raya has come again. A day that is waited by Muslims around the world after a full month of going through pain and sacrifices of fasting. I just came back from Raub, Pahang (my maternal grandma's kampung). Usually we will celebrate the morning of Raya at KL first than only we go back to Pahang but this year, my mum decided that she wants to spend more time before Raya with my grandma.

With all the ever-tasty food, (lemang, rendang, ketupat and the list goes on) my stomach is bloated 'cause I ate too much of everything. But I guess it's Raya, so I should be able to compromise once in awhile. During Hari Raya, we will get 'duit raya' or at least kids will get it. Sadly, as each year comes by, the amount of 'duit raya' I receive are declining. Why? 'Cause I'm getting older! The day will come when I will have to give the kids money instead of receiving it.

Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends and Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the (ok, ok) exam marks

My dad has finally got back from his London trip after more than 2 weeks of being away. He bought me a really nice brown sling bag, shirts and jeans and the NEXT perfume. My mom is freaking jealous with me since he bought me more stuff than her. LOL.

Anyway, I got back by end-year-exams marks. Here they are:

BM: 87 (dropped a lot)
ENG: 90 (a suprising rise)
SC: 88 (ok, ok jer)
GEO: 87 (same as ever)
SEJ: 96 (whoo...but not good enough compared to Jia Yi)
KH: 86 (dropped as well)
SENI: 88 (an amazing marks for a subject that I hate the most)
MATH: an A (better)

And with that I got no. 7 in class.
Sathiya said that if he doesn't get top 10 in this term, than he will be transfered to a Kelana Jaya school. He didn't...so like what Zhan Wen said, "Happy Kelana Jaya, Sathiya!!!"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

home-baked cookies

Yesterday, when everyone else was probably occupied by watching tv and chatting online, I spent the day baking chocolate chips cookies for Hari Raya. This year I decided to bake instead of buying the cookies.

I got the recipe from the Internet. It was supposedly a Famous Amos recipe. How did I get it? A woman wanted to buy a Famous Amos recipe since she loved the cookies so much. She asked the worker there, "How much is a recipe if I want to buy one?" The worker said, "Two fifty". Well, then she gave her credit card to pay for it. When she got her bills, she realized it was RM 250!! That woman thought it was RM 2.50.

She threatened to give the recipe to whole Malaysia if the worker won't return back her money and they didn't. So, the woman wrote the recipe and gave it to as many people as possible through the Net. So, that's how I got the "Famous Amos" recipe. To be honest, she was kind of dumb to think that a recipe can cost RM 2.50. How can the recipe be cheaper than the cookies?

How true is it, I don't know. We can't really trust the Internet, can we? But I still went ahead with the recipe and the result: heck, it didn't look like Famous Amos at all!!! But it did taste ok but not as good as the 'real' Famous Amos cookies.

So much for trying to bake but trust me, you won't die of food poisoning if you eat my home-baked cookies. LOL!

Friday, October 06, 2006

thank god

Finally......the craziest month of this year has finally ended. End-year-exams are over!!!! I can now eat, sleep and breathe properly. Don't ask me how my exams were. I wasn't really in top form due to some ailments.

My friends asked me, "You're fasting while having exams?" I nodded. They said, "Huh, pity you. I must drink and eat a lot during exams. If not, I cannot think properly."

Well, don't pity me for I have nothing to be pitied for. Pity those who are in the war zones. The kids and teens who are in Iraq, Lebanon, Kosovo and the list goes on. Sometimes we are too comfortable and pampered that we never stop from what we're doing to thank GOD for what we have.

Instead we keep asking for more and more. Those people in the warzones don't even have a place to shelter them for the heat and cold, no food to keep them alive and sometimes they don't even have parents to comfort them when bombs blast off on their own land.

But we have more than that. We have parents that give us ALMOST everything we need, a house equipped of whatever things we can think of and definitely we have enough food on our dining table in fact too much food that we're being labelled a 'FAT NATION'!

Yet we never appreciate all this. For once in our lives, stop complaining and thank God for what we have for we don't know what is waiting for us in the future. Maybe one day we might turn into a bloody nation from a nation which is peaceful before that. But of course, I wouldn't want to bet on that. But still......

Friday, September 22, 2006

feed the monster you've created

This week, NST carried out on the issue of teachers gained a lot of money from giving tuitions to student. Since then parents started complaining 'bout the teachers should be more serious in doing their job. If they taught well in school then we, the students might not need tuition.

The parents also complained that because of all these tuition classes, they had to pay a lot on it including my mum. Well, what do you expect? Nothing's free in this world and certainly NOT education. What I'm trying to say is that parents shouldn't complain that they're paying too much for our education and they have nothing to save for their golden age and what not.

Well, who actually send us to all these tuition classes if not the parents? Who asked us to join the music classes, take up art classes and learn to pick up French if not the parents? The children didn't ask for all these. It's because of the pressure from the family members especially our parents that wants us to score with flying colours in our academics that we have to go for all these classes.

I know that they meant well but the least they could do is stop complaining 'bout the high expenses of all these tuitions and classes. You created the monster and now you have to feed it. You don't expect to just let go of what you asked for.

Let us enjoy our childhood and teen years in an unburdenful environment.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

frog incident

Those from SMKDJ afternoon session, did u hear a loud scream at around 5 pm? Well, if you did it was because of a bunch of girls who were terrified of a frog which appeared in front of the 'surau'. To make matters worse, Safwan took it and shoved it to the girls that made them screamed even louder.

He even put the frog in my shoe. Well, not directly put it but he put it on the floor which was inches away from my shoes. I was praying inside 'surau' so I didn't know what happened. The frog then hopped into my shoe! ERRK!!!! Disgusting. Luckily someone took it out. When I came out to see what really happened, Pn Betty was already at the scene scolding the students for shouting.

Then she called Safwan and all the prefects who was there (Syazwan, Saiful, Alia) including ME! WTH! She asked Safwan did he play with the frog? I thought he would say no and make up some lame excuses but coolly he answered, "Ya". She also asked the prefects why didn't we do something 'bout the screaming.

I said I was praying with Alia so what do you expect me to do? Luckily she understood and let Alia and I go. She even said, "Kenapa perlu menjerit? It's just a frog. You're bigger than the frog. Why do you have to be afraid of it?"

'Kenapa perlu menjerit?' Yeah, right! Try and put a frog in front of her and see whether will she sit down and just look at the frog or will she screamed like the girls.

That was the yuckiest thing ever. A frog went into my shoe. Of all shoes, it chosed mine. I'm the lucky one...NOT! Felt like throwing away the shoe but decided not to since I have only 2 pairs of the black shoes.

The last time I saw the frog was when it was swimming in the drain in front of the 'surau' which was then full of water due to the rain.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Semangat DJians *bluek*

Yee-Haa!!!!! I went for a 'sajak' district level competiton and I won the 3rd placing. Though not the best, it was better than nothing. My 'sajak' was called "Secangkir Kesedaran" which I wrote myself. The competition was held in SMK Damansara Damai 1.

But what really made me utterly disappointed despite the fact that I won something was that, it seemed like the school wasn't supporting me in this competition. The reason I'm saying this is that: NOT a single teacher was willing to accompany me to the school as a 'guru pengiring'. I saw that every single contestants today was accompanied by their teacher but me....I was left alone sitting like an idiot.

I had to go there on my own and I was forced to find my own transport back to school. How the hell am I supposed to do that since both my parents are working? Didn't they think of that? I guess NOT! Lucky Pn Yip from morning session was kind enough to allow me to go back with her and the rest of the Geo quiz team.

What happened to the so-called "SEMANGAT DJians"??? Rubbish shit. Never in life I went for a competition outside of the school without 'guru pengiring'. I know the 'sajak' competition is just a small competition but hey, at least give the support-lah. I entered this competition for the sake of the school. If it's not for the school,I won't even think of reading any 'sajaks'.

What's the point of giving a good name to the school if they don't even support us?

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Merdeka Day started for me today by going to Ikano (12am) to watch the fireworks. It was brilliant with the colourful fireworks bursting for 10 mins. There was a concert put up by the local artists (Pop Shuvit, Anuar Zain etc.)

Then at 8 am I had a netball competition in my neighbourhood in conjuction with the Merdeka Day. Unfortunately, my team lost by 2 points (the score was 9-11). Well, my team did not even practice at all and we have inexperience players on the team so yeah.....that's partly the reason why we lost.

MERDEKA? What does that word mean to you? Well, mostly people would answer: freedom. Actually it's more than just freedom. Merdeka means the act of being free and standing on our own 2 feet after being colonized by the foreign power for so many years.

Our task at hand right now as Malaysians is to preserve our dignity and freedom by not letting any other problems or power break us apart.

As we move forward, let us not lose sight of the past that brought so much pain to the generation before us in order for them to get the independence that we are enjoying right now.


Friday, August 18, 2006

happy hols n happy studying!!!!

KGT, Sivik project and kerja kayu all sent in today. Seems like a lot of work, huh? Well, it was a hell lot of work. Especially KGT. But the good thing was that I got 18/20 for my 'kerja kayu' which was kinda good.

Well, even if the holidays season are starting, it doesn't make it more exciting, at least for me. There are approximately 4 weeks until the beginning of our nightmares, end-of- the-year exams. Well, worst for me since it's the fasting month during the exams weeks and I just can't imagine how to survive without food the whole freaking day.

I'm not saying that it's bad to fast. It's actually good since I get to diet. LOL. But I need energy so I can answer exams excellently!! Haiiz....praying hard that I'll pass with flying colours.

To all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and of course, HAPPY STUDYING!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How shallow can you be?

I was doing my prefect's duty yesterday when I came across this boy prefect. He's quite into the Malaysian entertainment industry. We always talk 'bout the up and down's of the industry together. I watched Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical already and I told him it was so freaking nice that he should go and watch it if he has time.

And he's reply was, "I don't want-lah since it's a Malay production." I was shocked by his answer. I didn't know that a boy from a top class can think in such a shallow way. Fine, if you don't want to see it 'cause it's a Malay production, think in a way that is a Malaysian production since there were various races involved in the making of it.

I came across this person once who thought as shallow as the boy did. I was showing her a picture of a Chinese actor on a newspaper. I asked her, "Hey, he's cute. Don't you think so?" She replied, "Eewww! A Chinese with a squinted eyes??? Of course not!!!"

I didn't know that there were so many people out there who are still shallow in their thinking. I thought that since we live in a multi- racial country we tend to respect each other more and think with an open mind.

But I was wrong.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Only Originals Allowed!

I received a call from Pn Norhayati yesterday when I was sleeping soundly at around 8 am. She called to ask me to jot down the 'sajak' which I was supposed to recite today. WTH. Memorise a 2 page long 'sajak' in just a day????

But luckily my 'sajak' reading went well today during the 'Pelancaran Kempen Mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang'. Whew! Later on we had Sivik. We were supposed to write a 'sajak' (again 'sajak'!) on a manila card and decorate it. Apparently, it was part of the Aug monthly test so we can't 'cincai' doing it.

Pn Norhayati gave us pointers on what to write. Then she said, "Kamu tidak boleh meniru sajak. Semuanya mesti asli. Saya boleh tahu mana tiru mana tidak." Zhan Wen and Sathiya who was sitting behind me said to me, "Err-hmm.....no 'ciplak-ing allowed'. Yes, thank you very much you guys.

You didn't have to remind me of the past incident when during Sivik period also, the teacher (at that time was Cik Julia) asked us to write our OWN 'sajak' in a group. My group was real lazy to even think of anything. So, I as the team leader with the approval of others decided to take a patriotic song, "Bersatu" and turnt it into a 'sajak' hoping that no one would notice.

I guess if I read it to my friends ONLY, they would believe that it's an original piece. But things were otherwise when I read it with Cik Julia listening. She instantly knew that the so-called 'sajak' I was reading was actually a song. So, yeah, I learnt a lesson from that incident which was never to copy 'sajak' anymore when I was supposed to write my own. You guys need not worry 'bout that.

Hanya Ori saja dibenarkan!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

from mph to puteri gunung ledang

the book cover

Hang Tuah and the Princess of Mount Ledang

I was at Midvalley MPH today for my mum's reading session on her self-published book titled The Art of Naming: A Muslim Woman's Journey. It's a really interesting book. It's a selection of poems written by her 'bout her journey of life. I'm not saying it's interesting 'cause the author is my mum or what. But seriously, it's very fun to read since it's written in an easy way so that everyone can relate to it. Only RM 20.

Then, later on my family and I went to Istana Budaya to watch the very much critically acclaimed Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL) the Musical. Gosh, it was freaking nice! Such a wonderful piece of story. The musical theater was far better than the movie.

It's 'bout the princess of Mount Ledang who was madly in love with the Melaka warrior, Hang Tuah. But then, at the same time the King of Melaka wanted to marry the Princess so Hang Tuah had to choose to be loyal to the King by leaving the Princess or follow the love of his life.

Majestic kings, dazzling damsels, heroic warriors. See the glory of 15th Century Melaka unfold before your very eyes. Breathtaking sets, resounding chorus lines, pulsating rhythms and spirited contemporary choreography combine in a fury of staggering imagination to bring you a night to remember.

Since it's a musical theater, so there was a lot of singing and dancing and I really loved the songs. And 1 more thing that I really like 'bout this theater was that the guy who played Hang Tuah ( Stephens Rahman Hughes) was fregging cute!!!!!! He's a West End actor so he's like a pro in theaters and acting.

You guys should go and watch it. It's hard to produce a production as high class as this in Malaysia so grab this chance while you still can. They're still viewing it till 21 aug. If you can't really understand BM especially when it's spoken faster than you can catch it, there's subtitle available so, yeah no worries.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Whew! What a rather tiring day today! It all started when I had to go to school at 7.30 am 'cause the pm session choir has the 'raptai' for the upcoming Konsert Perpaduan which is in Nov. Anyway, we were late. When it was supposed to be our turn to perform, HALF of the whole choir haven't even arrived since there's only 1 van and it's not enough to fit all of us in.

So the driver had to make 2 trips and that was what made us late. It was rather embarassing 'cause it just show how indiscipline we were. But it wasn't entirely our fault (choir members) since pn nancy rented a van. She should've asked for a bus instead.

Anyway, despite all of this, I think we did pretty good. We sang 3 songs:
Malay song (Bersatu)
Indian song ( ermmm......ask jayshendra)
Chinese song (Phang Yau)

So you could say that we're a multi-language choir. After that went back to school at around 12.30 pm. Nunu and I decided to go to Missy's (nickname for my friend) house and change our clothes there since we were wearing our precious baju kurung and you know how filthy was the toilet so we don't want to get our clothes dirty. It was a really hot day and it took us 'bout 10 mins to walk to her house.

However, when we arrived, she and the other 2 girls were ready to go to school. WTH. Why suddenly they wanted to go to school early???? And Missy, instead of waiting for us to AT LEAST change our clothes since we walked quite a long way to come here.

But NO..... she just went to school without even considering slightly 'bout us. So then Nunu and I stayed at her house for 10 mins to change our clothes. We actually wanted to stay longer 'cause we were too tired to walk back to school but with the Missy not being at home, it felt unusual to do that. We had to WALK BACK to school under the hot sun again.

I guess to some people going to Atria is more important than waiting for your best friends to change their clothes after walking for 10 mins to go to her house.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


During Seni period yesterday, Pn Lee was so kind hearted to let us do whatever we want. So, Jia Yi and I decided to compose our own songs. With only 30 mins, we produced our own song together, complete with the lyrics and the rhythm. Here's how it goes:

4ever and ever

She's the one,
He's the one,
We're all together
on a golden thread,
That is friends.

Wrecking ship,
Rocking ship,
It doesn't matter anymore,
'Cause I have your friendship.

You're there for me,
Whenever I needed you,
I'm always beside you,
For as long as you want me too.

Forever and ever,
We're together.

What do you think? Good enough to compose songs for Mariah Carey or perhaps Shakira? LOL!

I know the lyrics are a bit funny but hey, it was better than doing nothing.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

choir pm session, u rock!!!!!

Just came back from Hari Penghargaan Ko-kurikulum. I was supposed to wake up late today but instead I had to reach school by 7 am. Anyway, I went there to collect my 2 prizes (choir and netball) and also to perform on behalf of choir.

The afternoon session sang 2 songs which was "Untukmu Malaysia" and "I Bought Me A Cat". Well, the english song was really stupid and lame but I guessed the audiences found it rather entertaining and hilarious. Here's some of the list of the winners for this year:

Persatuan Akademik Terbaik (sesi pagi) : English Language Society
Persatuan Akademik Terbaik (sesi petang) : Persatuan Sains dan Matematik

Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik (sesi pagi) : DJnet Club
Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik (sesi petang) : KELAB MUZIK DAN KOIR (unbeliavable!)

Persatuan Pakaian Seragam Terbaik : Kadet Remaja Sekolah (suprisingly scouts did not win this year)

Sukan dan Permainan Terbaik : Cheer Team (knew it)

I can't believe my beloved choir won "Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik" for afternoon session. But we did work hard for it and all the credits should be given to the ever dedicated Pn Nancy Lee who's been really strict with us nowadays so that we'll be more discipline. And also to the other committed choir members who had worked really hard by practising everyday for the past few weeks.

Determination and commitment are the keys to success.........

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Wooo hooo!!!!! Miracle does happen. Believe or not, HEBAT got 1st place for overall as well as cheerleading during sports day! Also, 3rd placing for marching.

The marching team was obviously doing better this year than last year. I guess if you are under a good leadership, victory is not a question anymore but in fact an answer. So, this year under the wings of the seniors, (Daniel, Aiman, Wei Kit, Aaron and others) we finally got a position in the marching competition. Kudos to all of them!

I actually regretted for not joining marching this year since it was so fun to see all of them doing their formations. Maybe next year. Anyway, I'm freaking proud of HEBAT for being the champion this year when they are only the underdogs before this.

We are definitely moving to a greater level of victory next year!

Monday, July 24, 2006

tell me what to do!!!!

Aargh!!!! Just 'cause of this one harmless boy, 3 friends are having 2 different arguments. Here's what happened:

Girl A likes Boy B secretly. Then, girl A's friend, girl C went and told B that girl A likes him. B's response was, "But I dun't like her". It was meant to be a secret but C just went on to tell him. I knew 'bout it and told girl A 'bout that.

The reason I told A that the boy knows she likes him 'cause C told him was that she was upset these days 'cause B was like avoiding her. I don't wanna see my friend being miserable with her not knowing the real cause of it. When she knew 'bout it she was upset with girl C for spilling the beans to boy B.

Now, girl A is upset with girl C and girl C might be upset with me. I seriously don't know what I should do now. But I still think what I did was right 'cause I don't wanna see girl A still waiting for Boy B when he doesn't like her. Waiting for him is like waiting for rain in this drought.

Please tell me what to do 'bout this IF there is something I should be doing. (SIGH)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

GO, HEBAT!!!!!

A school day spend in the MPPJ stadium. Fun......not! It was 'saringan' day and I entered short putt. Unfortunately, I did not brag the top 3 positions. What do u expect when my competitors are people like Maxine who is good enough to be in MSSD (according to one of the seniors).

Anyway, my hope is that Hebat will be first this year after years of not becoming champion. Anis Sofia had a good chance of winning the 1.5 km race but at the last round, she can't take it anymore and fell flatly on the track.

I thought she passed out 'cause she wasn't moving at all for 'bout 15 mins. But actually she had muscle cramps. That didn't stop her from winning the 400m race later on. That's the spirit, gurl!!!

GO, HEBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

eng oral test

These few days, I was swamped with piles of works to do so no time to blog. Anyway, on Friday, we had oral test with Ms. Sathya. My topic was 'sleeping in class'. What a lame topic! I created some stupid story 'bout a boy who slept in class during a really boring sub and was punished by the teacher later on for sleeping in class by making him sleep on the floor without anything covering it.

Apparently, my classmates liked it, so, that's a relief. After that we had 30 mins before the end of the period so Ms, Sathya suggested games that we would like to play. We started off with the lame 'hangman' game. I never liked hangman. After that, we proceeded with the 'continue the sentence' game.

Giri started the game by saying "Mei Ching is an opera singer". Everything went well until it was Kelvin's turn to continue the story. His one was "Giri kidnapped her and brought her to his house ". That was still a bit ok but the climax was when it came to Sathiya's turn. He had no idea what to say then Wei Chern said to him "then she opened her clothes".

I said to Sathiya don't say it if you don't want Ms. Sathya to explode with anger 'cause it is something that should be censored. But then, Sathiya chosed wrong over right and said Wei Chern's sentence and the whole class erupted with laughter when he said it.

Not Ms. Sathya who, like I said exploded with anger. She started blabbing 'bout sanity and how corrupted our class is and started scolding Sathiya and Wei Chern for embarassing Mei Ching with those sentences. Mei Ching even cried.

Actually, I quite agree with Ms. Sathya (for the first time) bout how wrong the 2 boys were and they shouldn't be saying those sentences before that. I can totally feel what Mei Ching felt. She must be really embarassed by it.

This teach us a lesson not to care about our feelings only 'cause ours is not the only one that matters.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

'3 things'

These past few days had been a really boring one so nothing much to blog 'bout. Anyway, to those of you who wanted to know what '3 things' Chee Fai owed me, (especially Sam) here they are:

1. My precious pink debate rebuttal cards that he borrowed from me
(it was one of my first debates so it's like a treasure to me)

2. He promised to link me on his blog (it was a promise he made MONTHS AGO)

3. He promised to comment on my blog (something he promised MONTHS AGO TOO)

So, so far he already fulfilled 2 things which are no 2 and no 3. But the most important thing is the rebuttal cards which he still haven't return it back and for all I know, he might have lost it.

The '3 things' were really nothing but I don't know why both of us became really secretive 'bout it. Just wanting to feel like we have a big secret together once in awhile. LOL!

p/s hey, sam! sorry if u'r angry if we didn't wanna tell you 'bout wat happened this evening
'cause that one is a real secret.....

Saturday, July 01, 2006

guess who

Guess who cried his eyes out yesterday in 2 Belian? Sathiya G. Reason: He forgot to bring a cut out article of Star which was supposed to be paste on his NIE project. The dateline was yesterday and if you don't have a relevant article, your whole team is disqualified.

He was really mad and was crying real hard but at the same time tried to hide it. Then, came along Chee Ming who obviously came at the wrong time and asked him to pay money for the class fund or something like it. Sathiya grabbed Chee Ming's hand tightly and shouted at him, "I said I don't want to pay means I don't want to!" CM who was at utter shock moved away.

I was too, actually. Even Zhan Wen, Mr-I'll-Always-Answer -U kept quiet. I can't stand seeing people cry so I offered giving him my extra article of the Star to him. Though it's not really relevant to his theme, but it's better than nothing, right? So, he took it and case closed.

My advise to all is that: Think of an alternative first if you're in trouble rather than crying your
eyeballs off. Crying won't solve any of your troubles.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tired of the word boy

BOYS, BOYS and BOYS.....That's what I hear 'bout these days. In the class, in the prefect's room, on the bus......everywhere. It seems that when you reach a certain age, boy's topic is like a must topic in your daily life, for girls that is.

What I don't understand is why must it be that topic all the time??? There are thousands of other interesting topics that can really be talked about but NO......!!!! Boys are still the main thing of all. I mean, it's totally fine to talk 'bout them once in awhile. I also talk 'bout how cute that boy and this boy is but there are limits, ok. In whatever we do, there are limitations.

When the girls are group together, the normal script would be:

1. "U know &?!!. sms-ed me last night. I was like.....aww.....how nice"
2. "My boyfriend said I'm sweet yesterday!!!"
3. " Ah, he is sooooo cute!!!"

and so on. Pleazzz.....do u have to repeat the same kind of script everytime????? It's not that I hate boys or what. It's just that I get tired hearing the same topic and the same thing over and over again.

BOYS..........can live with them.
Can live without them.

Monday, June 26, 2006

SMKDJ as the debate champion

Guess who won the HELP Debate Championship 2006? You got it, baby! The awesome SMK Damansara Jaya! It was a really splendid debate. They went against SMK Convent Bukit Nenas for the semi-finals and their motion was "This house believes that a sovereignty of a country depends on a strong economy rather than a strong military (opposition)" They won , of course.

Next was against SMK St. Michael's with the motion "This house would make HIV screening a pre-requisite for a marriage (proposition). It was a neck to neck competition and I did not stay back for the results 'cause it was kinda late and I had to shoot of back to Pahang soon.

So, my mum sort of knew the chief adjudicator, Mr Latif since they work in the same place so she asked him through sms and ta-da! Our school emerged as the champion with the 3rd speaker of the team, Adeline won Best Speaker title! What a glorious day for our school.

I wished I could be as good as them.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

History repeats itself

After 3 days of only 5 hours of sleep each night, finally the DJ Open Debate organized by the English Society has ended.....for my team consisting of me, Samantha, Jun Wen and Jayshendra. To be in a debate team, your willingness to commit fully to the team is very important. That's what I learned from this debate comp.

Anyway, our first motion was "This house believes that Internet inhibits human's nature as a social being" and we were the opposition team. We went against the form 3s. I was kinda spooked by that time earlier on because they don't seem nervous at all especially Neal who seems really hyperactive. The 2nd speaker, Rabin even binded his speech!

But thank god we won against them! Next up the semifinal against the 2 Batai's team consisting of Keeth, Daryl and Jo-Yi. Uh-huh, we lost to this team before during the inter-class debate way back in Feb. The motion was "This house believes that the sovereignty of a country depends on a strong economy rather than a strong military" and we were the Government team. Tough motion? Oh, yeah it was a tough one for us.

To make things worse. During the semifinal, it was raining heavily so I had to shout out my speech on top of my voice and still then, they really couldn't hear it. So, just imagine how loud was the sound.

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. The 2 Batai's team won.......again! And Samantha won the "Best Speaker". (congrats!) I wish Daryl and his teammates good luck in the finals which I'm sure will be much tougher.

But one thing for sure, that won't be my last debate as a debater 'cause I'm starting to love debating. It's my passion now!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exam Results

After 2 weeks of holidays, I've gotten back all my marks. Sadly, my position might drop to don't know what number 'cause of the bloody Math results!!! Here is a list of my exam results:

BM: 91 (Yay! Improved by a few marks)
ENG: 87 (Not bad)
SEJ: 90 (If I have gotten full marks for my project, I'll at least get to draw with Wei Chern)
GEO: 87 (Wo-hoo!! The sub I hate the most and I get an A)
SCIENCE: 89 (Dropped a few marks....)
AG: 95 (YES!!! One of the highest in the class. He he he.)
SENI: 81 (Finally an A in seni)
KH: 91 (Not bad)
Math: (UH-huh, i'm not telling you this one)

So, basically my marks dropped like hell 'cause of Math. And Wei Chern is bloody happy now since he got to beat me in exams which he seldom did. Just watch out, man!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hilarious Cartoonival

I had an NIE meeting at Hana's house with my Fab Five team except for Samantha who was in Singapore. We managed to finish a poster and another 2 to go. I can't reveal the details of the poster yet since the dateline isn't over.

Anyway, at around 12.30 pm, my mum called and said that she got 5 extra tickets to go to the Cartoonival show in KL Convention Centre. I know what you're thinking right now. OK, fine. Cartoonival might be too childish for 14 year old teen but hey, they were free and worth RM 250 each.

So, since they were 4 people at the meeting, (Me, Hana, Grace and Amanda) I invited them to go with me plus my mum since she's the one who brought us there.

Oh, god! At first I regretted the idea of coming to the show since all I could see were kids aged around 2-10 years old. But no point turning back since we were in the Plenary Hall already. It was something like a broadway show with the famous cartoon network characters dancing and singing onstage. From Powerpuff Girls to Dexter the Laboratory to the Ayu and Yumi,(whatever they're called)... they were all there.

For a moment, it was kinda good to go back and enjoy the moments of your childhood like watching again these cute characters of your used-to-be fave tv show. But not for long! Suprisingly, the characters also rapped their songs! Hilariously cute.

My friends and I even my mum enjoyed the show although it was too childish for us. My mum even said that one of the characters who was apparently a human was cute. Well, I quite agree with her. LOL!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Prefect's Camp

OK, I just got back from Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas which was supposed to be in Genting Highlands. However, due to some so- called safety purposes, the venue was changed to SMKDJ. Haiiizzzz.........

There were 6 teams and I was the team leader of Toyota. To tell you the truth, I didn't actually like this team 'cause some members of this team can't seem to co-operate with others. Luckily, they were split up to different teams the next day.

Basically, this camp was 'bout how to be a good leader and how to work in a group which was something I'd learnt since primary school. Can't they teach us something new and different other than teamwork, co-operation and whatsoeva.

But the games prepared by Eddie was fun, though. Especially the Entrapment game and the some sort of Treasure Hunt game. In the Hunt game, we really have to use both sides of our brains and think creatively in order to get the answer to the questions.

At night, we had Malam Kebudayaan. Every race had to do some sort of performance. I sang 'Kau Ilhamku' by Man Bai. Not solo, of course. They were 'bout 7 people singing that song but I'm telling you people, our voices were like toads! But hey! We had a fab time onstage so it doesn't really matter.

The best performance of it all had to be Wei Liang's so-called cheerleading squad, the 'GEEK SQUAD' consisting of Wei Liang, Daryl, CK, and some other guys (sorry, forgot the names, already). They wore extremely high pants with the tie ties so tight on the neck. They did some lame chants but it was definitely hilarious.

The girls slept in the hall while the guys slept in Bilik Agama. Alia, Ashiqin and I played pillow fight and Truth or Dare. By 2 a.m.. we were beginning to fall asleep. I know it's early to go to bed at that time but we were dead tired after a whole day of tight schedule and not to mention the activities in the morning later on.

2 hours before going back home, we had a game of Water War. We were supposed to splash the other team with water and my team led by Luke won the game!!! So, we got to splash the other team as much as we want and they had to stay put and cannot run away. Oh, Mr Tan was also in school today. He was observing his father's construction work in the school or something.

Anyway, overall this camp wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Though I'm sure it'll be much better in Genting but like Eddie said, 'Make the best of whateva you have'. I did develop a closer bond with the fellow prefects and Eddie even said that this year's Kem Pengawas was the easier team and task he ever handled since everyone was able to work together as a team.

Hopefully, the Afternoon Session Prefects can produce something better for the school after attending this camp.

Go Afternoon Session Prefects of 2006!!!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Gosh, finally the week long of exams full of depression and stress is over!!!! I nearly had a nervous breakdown this week. Too stressed up to maintain my position in the exam.

Overall the exams were OK. But a few of the exams were really hard that I think I cracked my brain to get the answer. LOL!

I did some silly mistakes in Math and Geo exams. Arrggggh!!!!! Hopefully can get an A but hmmm........

From what I experienced, if you hate a subject, you tend to get lower marks in that particular subject. I seriously HATE geography and when I sit for that test, I'll just get OK marks.

Though I get an A, but it's just an average A. It's not enough, actually. In life, you always have to aim high, not only average, right?

So, the moral of the story is that:

Love your subjects and they will love you back.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

b'day gurl

Yay! Today's my birthday!!! I got a Swatch watch, a pair of Nike shoes, Body Glove T-shirts and a brownie choc cake from my parents. A lot of wishes from my friends and few presents from others.

Anyway, yesterday I took part in 'Pertandingan Puisidra Sek. Men. Daerah Petaling'. I lost, unfortunately. I was supposed to 'mendeklamasikan sajak' but things went wrong onstage.

I had 2 of my frens, Alia and Hil as my backdrops. When it was Alia's turn to read her lines, the mic wasn't working and I had to stand there like a 'dungu' while waiting for the mic to be repaired.

Then, Hil was supposed to play the "This Is My Time" song on her handphone. When it came to her part to play the song, she left her phone at the other end of the stage! It was kind of too late to take the phone but the show must go on.

What an embarassment! Some stupid technical problems can bring a failure to you. But I see this from a positive view. I'll take this as an experience as it is my first participation in this competition. Even if it's a bad one.

This taught me a lesson to work harder and not be over- confident the next time. What a lesson.........

But one good thing 'bout yesterday, though. My friends were very supportive 'bout me being in this competition. Some even came early to school just to give me moral support since the competition is in the morning and in our school.

Alia, Hanna and Anis even did a poster to show their strong supports to me. Thanks, people! Love you, gurls!!!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

fight against racism

I received a forwarded joke from a chinese friend of mine. Though it is just a joke, I don't find it funny, literary. This is how the joke goes:

A man was taking a walk in Central park in New York. Suddenly he saw a little girl being attacked by a pit bull dog. He ran over and started fighting with the dog. He succeded in killing the dog and saved the girl's life.

A policeman who was watching the scene walked over and said: "You are a hero, tomorrow you can read it in all the newspapers: "Brave New Yorker saves the life of little girl" The man said: - "But I am not a New Yorker!"

"Oh then it will say in newspapers in the morning: 'Brave American saves life of little girl'"the policeman answered. "But I am not an American!" - said the man. "Oh, what are you then?" The man answered: - "I am a
Pakistani! "The next day the newspapers wrote: "Islamic extremist kills innocent American dog."

To some it may seem like no big deal. But as a Muslim myself, it seems insulting. How would you feel if you were labeled as an extremist.

Freedom of speech is not a license or a permit to insult other religions and races. It's totally fine to joke around.

But let the joke be laughable by everyone.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Seems just like yesterday, he was almost mine. But after knowing he had another girl, my world seems to shatter.

Liking him for more than a year already, it will take time to forget 'bout him. But I'll try my best as he is not the only one that matters. But remembering as how close we were, it brought a tear in my heart yet he will never be mine.

So close yet so far. But I'll make sure after I finish writing this post, he's just part of my past. Don't wanna be like some other girls who will still keep trying to get a boy's attention though they know it's hopeless.

Forget 'bout it and go on with my life. There are so many things I haven't try out in life. That's my motive.

No more boys...............for now.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

netball competiton

Yesterday was quite a sad day for SMKDJ under 15 netball team. We lost in the MSSD netball competiton.

But since it's our first year representing the school, I guess it's ok to lose at the first time.

With the netball competition is over, my life has not been less busy. Things are getting pretty hectic in my schedule now.

Have to write 2 'sajak' for 2 different comps, NIE project, x-tra curricular activities and not to mention the mid term exams which is just around the corner.

Wish I could take a time off for awhile from my busy life.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

HELP Debating Workshop

From 8.30 a.m. till 1.30 p.m. today, I was at HELP College Uni with Samantha, Jun Wen, Chee Fai and others for a debating workshop.

It was a really good workshop. I learned a lot of debating skills and hopefully can put them into practice next year.

We had the chance to watch a LIVE debate between 2 groups of HELP students. It was actually hilarious. Wasn't a really good demo, actually. I guess they weren't prepared or they were just fooling around thinking we were dummies who could not think critically.

Here is a pic taken at the workshop. It's a bit blur but this is the best I can give.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I hand in my artwork today and I have to tell you this. The 'gubahan sewarna' that I handed in today was one of my best artwork I've ever done yet I only got 7/10 for it.

I was kind of disappointed of it. I was hoping for an eight. HE really doesn't know how to judge art. I wasn't the only one who were victims of his unwiseness in marking artwork, though.

Quite a number of art I saw today in my class was really, really nice but he still gave them 7/10.

But after much thinking, what do I care how much I got for my art? Even if it's counted for my exams. As long as I think it's nice, nothing else matter.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

close friends

One of my close friends just couple up with this guy from our school. I was quite surprised with it, actually. Didn't know that she will hook up with that kind of guy.

But as her close friend, I guess I just have to accept it, right?

I have A LOT of close friends. But to tell you the truth, I'm still searching for a really best friend. Sort of like a soul friend. It's not that I don't appreciate the friends I have now.

But some of them seem too playful. Taking advantages out of my friendship. I'm searching for a real honesty in a friendship and I haven't found it yet.

But I still have to thank my close friends 'cause without them, my life would be empty.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

NIE brainstorming

Just finish NIE brainstorming with Sam, Grace, Hanna and Amanda at Hanna's house.
We didn't discuss much, actually. All brain dead already.

I got headache from drinking Coke at Hanna's house. LOL!
I have problem with Coke. Weird of me, huh?

Anyway, our group's name is Fantastic Five. I'm determined to win this comp, at first.
But now I lose faith in winning already since we really cannot think of good strategies for our campaign.

We gonna have another brainstorming session soon and I will have to remember not to drink Coke at that time.
Maybe that's the reason why I can't produce any brilliant ideas just now.LOL!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

first post ever

My first ever post. At first i wasn't really interested in having a blog. But my mom kept on insisting that I have one. So, here it is.

I just put on my braces on Thursday. God, I didn't know that braces can be soooo.........painful. The pain is really excruciating. For a split second, I regretted on having to wear it. But then, if it's worth the money and pain 2 years later, why not?

Hope you'll enjoy reading my blog. More posts coming. LOL!