Thursday, September 07, 2006

Semangat DJians *bluek*

Yee-Haa!!!!! I went for a 'sajak' district level competiton and I won the 3rd placing. Though not the best, it was better than nothing. My 'sajak' was called "Secangkir Kesedaran" which I wrote myself. The competition was held in SMK Damansara Damai 1.

But what really made me utterly disappointed despite the fact that I won something was that, it seemed like the school wasn't supporting me in this competition. The reason I'm saying this is that: NOT a single teacher was willing to accompany me to the school as a 'guru pengiring'. I saw that every single contestants today was accompanied by their teacher but me....I was left alone sitting like an idiot.

I had to go there on my own and I was forced to find my own transport back to school. How the hell am I supposed to do that since both my parents are working? Didn't they think of that? I guess NOT! Lucky Pn Yip from morning session was kind enough to allow me to go back with her and the rest of the Geo quiz team.

What happened to the so-called "SEMANGAT DJians"??? Rubbish shit. Never in life I went for a competition outside of the school without 'guru pengiring'. I know the 'sajak' competition is just a small competition but hey, at least give the support-lah. I entered this competition for the sake of the school. If it's not for the school,I won't even think of reading any 'sajaks'.

What's the point of giving a good name to the school if they don't even support us?


adeline said...

When was it held??? why i dunno 1..

nik zafirah said...
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nik zafirah said...

it was 2day....i didn't tell u cause i dun't wanna brag bout it

mysterio4eva said...

i never believed in the "semangat djians".the teachers said that they're shortlisting all the criterias that are needed for "semangat djians".well, i hav 3 of the criterias:

1.the students are not allowed to talk in school and if they do 'surat amaran' will be given.

2. the prefects are asked to sit with students during assembly until the hall is like a sardine tin, all cramed 2gether.

3. u can't walk through the corridors in front of the morning session staff room. (then what's the point of even building it???)

so there you go. the criterias of "semangat djians".

Andrew said...

u are right. the shcool can be a stupid dumbass sometimes.


how did the geo team do?

nik zafirah said...

the geo team did not even get into the finals.....