Thursday, August 31, 2006


Merdeka Day started for me today by going to Ikano (12am) to watch the fireworks. It was brilliant with the colourful fireworks bursting for 10 mins. There was a concert put up by the local artists (Pop Shuvit, Anuar Zain etc.)

Then at 8 am I had a netball competition in my neighbourhood in conjuction with the Merdeka Day. Unfortunately, my team lost by 2 points (the score was 9-11). Well, my team did not even practice at all and we have inexperience players on the team so yeah.....that's partly the reason why we lost.

MERDEKA? What does that word mean to you? Well, mostly people would answer: freedom. Actually it's more than just freedom. Merdeka means the act of being free and standing on our own 2 feet after being colonized by the foreign power for so many years.

Our task at hand right now as Malaysians is to preserve our dignity and freedom by not letting any other problems or power break us apart.

As we move forward, let us not lose sight of the past that brought so much pain to the generation before us in order for them to get the independence that we are enjoying right now.



mysterio4eva said...

as we move forward not us lose sight of the past. nice phrase. i agree with you for the first time.haha!

adeline said...


nik zafirah said...

hah....they dunt't call me zafirah the malaysian for nothing, adel.....n mysterio4eva, hav we met b4?

mysterio4eva said...

have we met before? hmmm..maybe yes maybe no. after all i'll be mysterio4eva. haha!

princess hanna said...

i was at ikano as well.but how come i didnt c u?mayb too many ppl..alia nangis xdpt jumpa kau..hehe..patriotik gler kau..teruskan semangat anda.. =p