Sunday, May 27, 2007

A day of hunt and ashraf sinclair

My holidays started with a blast yesterday. I participated in a Treasure Hunt organized by Galaxie in the Curve. Hui Wen, Juinn Chang and Ariff were all in my team. It was a really tiring hunt. We had to go back and forth Ikano, Curve and Cineleisure like maniacs through out the Hunt looking for clues and I felt like I ran a 40km marathon.....maybe more. My legs are now aching like mad that I can't even walk properly. Too bad we didn't get the top 3 spots.

Guess who else participated?? Girls' heartthrob, the hot ASHRAF SINCLAIR!!! He was in the Celebrity Team (Ferhad, Chelsea Ng and some other guy) and gosh, he looked soooo much hotter and cuter in real life. In case you've been leaving in the cave and wondering who is Ashraf Sinclair, he is Malaysia's hottest actor and his most popular with the movie Gol & Gincu. I had a shot with him as well but the 'smart ass' Ariff still hadn't pass me my photos therefore I can't post the picture now.

But the most embarassing thing happened as well when I slidded and fell right IN FRONT of him! It all started when the Celebrity Team was asking questions after the Hunt and whoever answered the quests correctly, you'll get a goodie bag with music CDs in it. Ashraf was asking the question: "What's my character's name in Gol & Gincu?" I raised my hand and he called me to the front. While I was about to step in front, a guy's leg was blocking the way so I jumped over it to avoid bumping into the leg.

My foot stepped on a plastic wrapper and I slidded and fell with Ashraf Sinclair just a few feet away from me. The crowd when "WHOA!". Ashraf said, "Whoa. Cool it". Lucky thing the host made a joke out of the thing by saying, "Ashraf, she's just showing you your actions while playing futsal in Gol & Gincu". I said , "Yeah!" and laughed like it was the most natural thing to happen while inside I was cursing myself for acting like such a klutz.

I answered correctly (luckily!) which was "Eddie". He asked me again, 'What's Eddie's full name?" I went "err....". Ashraf said, "Hahaha. Never mind. I don't even know his full name". So I went back with my mortified face and my goodie bag and Keefe said, "Nice slide, Zaf. Damn keng weyh, how did you know the answer?"

Are you kidding me??Gol & Gincu is practically the only local show that I watch religiously and my only fave. So knowing Ashraf Sinclair's character's name is a must for all G&G addicts. LOL! It had been a fun day what with running all over the Curve, Ikano and Cineleisure and also making a fool out of myself in front of a whole bunch of crowd as well as my fave actor ASHRAF SINCLAIR......

Yesterday couldn't have been better :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

gone are the days....for now

WEE-HEEE!!!The much dreaded mid-term exams are finally OVER. Gone are the days where I have to 'burn the midnight oil' 'till 2 am. Gone are the days where I have to go through stacks of revision books and exercises all in the name of getting As. Gone are all the days where I wake up groggily in the morning having only 4-5 hours of sleep. Gone are those days.....FOR NOW, of course. Those hours and nights that I spent on studying better be worth it if not I'll jump down a block, undoubtedly(HEHE!!JOKING MUM!!!). It'll be in just another 2 more months before these days come by again where that time would be my trials and PMR....huhuhu ;(

But whatever it is, I just want to let my hair loose this holidays and just relax. Unfortunately, my hair would still be tied tightly in a bun (<---whatever that means) since I still have a workload of stuff to do. From my Sejarah project to a whole book of Agama book that needs to be done to a science project that I don't even know what or how to do. Haizz....Seems that this holidays won't be much of a holiday for me.

But look into the bright side, I'm gonna have a holiday of my own after the school reopens for 2 weeks so yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Anyway, is anyone interested in joining the INTEL Science and Engineering Competition? I need another person to join my group after one of the team members bailed out of the competition unexpectedly. We're supposed to invent something 'creative and innovative' in the field of science or engineering. Anyone interested just tell me, ok?


Friday, May 11, 2007

my 15th bday!!!

YAY!!! It's my birthday today!!! To be honest, I wasn't too perked up with my 15th birthday mainly because my mum wasn't around to celebrate with me this time and to me a celebration is not complete when your family members are not around and every birthday means you're getting older whether you like it or not.

My day started with a birthday wish from Anis through SMS at precisely 12.11 am (thx girl! you're the 1st to wish me). My morning was greeted by my mum's birthday card that was lying next to my bed. She sent to me 3 months ago from the States and I promised her I'd only open on 11th of May and I kept my promise ;). I asked my dad what would I be getting for my 15th birthday. And he said, "You want presents some more? The trip to US in June is already part of your birthday gift". WHAT???? I thought that trip was supposed to be a family trip not a gift for my birthday!!

AHHH...well. I guess I should just be thankful 'cause the trip would cost a bomb and by right I should be studying at home for PMR but instead I'll be missing 2 weeks of school. So, thanks papa!!! Thank you for all your warm wishes for me today. Mimi gave me a real cute glass with the picture of cows on it. Thanks Mimi aka Dafi's lover!! Fadzil gave me an ultra cool digital clock which could change to 7 different colours every second. Thanks Fadzil. I lurvee that clock!!!

Out of the blue, Daryl broke into a broken tune of the 'Happy Birthday' song in our class. It was really awkward 'cause everyone's wondering what the hell was he doin'. But Thanks anyway, that was really sweet of you, Daryl. My dad, aunt and uncle brought me out to dinner in Italiannies in the Curve. It was just a simple dinner but I enjoyed it because great things come in small packages, ryte??

When I was on my way to school, I had a reality check of my 15 years of life in the van. I asked myself, "Have I done enough for the last 15 years? Was my life worth it for the last 15 years? Did I do more good than bad or was it vice versa in my 15 years of life?"

The answers: "For my 15 years of life, I think I did enough for my life but of course I want more 'cause life is too short not to experience other things. My life was worth it cause I didn't waste it bein' involved with the wrong clans and the wrong activities and 'bout doin' more good than bad, well, I shouldn't be that bad-la ryte? Of course, I've done a few bad stuff once in awhile (arguing with my parents etc.) but I don't think it ever outweighed my good 'behaviour'.

Does that sound reasonable? I don't know cause I just had a glass of iced mocha and it's making me dizzy and a bit offguard now. ;) Anyway, I better stop crapping now but before that I want to thank my family and friends for their love and care for me on this supposedly special day of mine. I'd been blessed with great family and friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Turning 15 today feels pretty much the same with being 14 yesterday :)

P/S Besides being a bit dizzy due to the mocha, my com had just been hacked by POKEMON. Yup, pokemon. Thus it took me more than an hour to write this freakin' post cause POKEMON is now making my com and my life miserable!! Like Adel said, birthday present from Pikachu for me. Well, thanks for nothin' Pokemon!!!

And Sam Low, thanks for that wonderful post of me on your blog. luv ya, girl!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


If you have read my post on the KDU debate, at the last part I mentioned that I was supposed to prepare for a science quiz for district level. It was finally held today in SMK Sri Aman and SMKDJ was represented by me, Luke and Joel. And guess what??? Our beloved SMK Damansara Jaya was the CHAMPION of the Petaling district for the lower secondary science quiz!!!!!WEEEE!!!!

I couldn't believe my luck to be part of this marvellous team. The competition started off with a written objective test. 40 questions were to be answered in an hour and the top 4 teams with the highest tallied marks (there were 3 in a team) will proceed to the finals. DJ scored the highest marks in the written test out of around 30 schools that participated. Thus we went to the finals which was an oral quiz.

The finals was an intense moment for me. The finalists were us, SMK Seafied, SMK Damansara Utama and SMK USJ13. We started off pretty badly but with the help of the hero of the team a.k.a. Joel Tan we managed to climb up the spot to become the champion.

I did a pretty silly mistake at the beginning where I answered a question wrongly which was "what is the virus caused by the birds (or something like that)?" I rougly knew or at least I thought I knew the answer. The answer that was goin' through my mind was 'H5N something' but I wasn't too sure bout that. So I answered something out of the ordinary which will sound stupid and I don't think I want to tell you what I answered.

But for your reading pleasure, I'm obliged to tell you so. I answered SARS. Yea, I know. Silly me, eh?? The real answer was 'Influenza H5N 1'. Luke kept teasing me 'bout it even after the quiz ended. Right.....Influenza H5N1, I'll remember that 'till I die. LOL!

Anyway, after 2 rounds of questions, the results were announced and we were the winners!!!
I always thought myself as more of a language person but I guess today I discovered another part of my plus point.....SCIENCE. Thanks to Luke and Joel who rock the socks of the team!!!HAHAHA!!

Ohhh....and thanks to Michelle and Ying Yan for the choco bar you gave me today. That was really sweet of you girls and yeah, I do lurveeee choccies!!! ;)