Friday, May 11, 2007

my 15th bday!!!

YAY!!! It's my birthday today!!! To be honest, I wasn't too perked up with my 15th birthday mainly because my mum wasn't around to celebrate with me this time and to me a celebration is not complete when your family members are not around and every birthday means you're getting older whether you like it or not.

My day started with a birthday wish from Anis through SMS at precisely 12.11 am (thx girl! you're the 1st to wish me). My morning was greeted by my mum's birthday card that was lying next to my bed. She sent to me 3 months ago from the States and I promised her I'd only open on 11th of May and I kept my promise ;). I asked my dad what would I be getting for my 15th birthday. And he said, "You want presents some more? The trip to US in June is already part of your birthday gift". WHAT???? I thought that trip was supposed to be a family trip not a gift for my birthday!!

AHHH...well. I guess I should just be thankful 'cause the trip would cost a bomb and by right I should be studying at home for PMR but instead I'll be missing 2 weeks of school. So, thanks papa!!! Thank you for all your warm wishes for me today. Mimi gave me a real cute glass with the picture of cows on it. Thanks Mimi aka Dafi's lover!! Fadzil gave me an ultra cool digital clock which could change to 7 different colours every second. Thanks Fadzil. I lurvee that clock!!!

Out of the blue, Daryl broke into a broken tune of the 'Happy Birthday' song in our class. It was really awkward 'cause everyone's wondering what the hell was he doin'. But Thanks anyway, that was really sweet of you, Daryl. My dad, aunt and uncle brought me out to dinner in Italiannies in the Curve. It was just a simple dinner but I enjoyed it because great things come in small packages, ryte??

When I was on my way to school, I had a reality check of my 15 years of life in the van. I asked myself, "Have I done enough for the last 15 years? Was my life worth it for the last 15 years? Did I do more good than bad or was it vice versa in my 15 years of life?"

The answers: "For my 15 years of life, I think I did enough for my life but of course I want more 'cause life is too short not to experience other things. My life was worth it cause I didn't waste it bein' involved with the wrong clans and the wrong activities and 'bout doin' more good than bad, well, I shouldn't be that bad-la ryte? Of course, I've done a few bad stuff once in awhile (arguing with my parents etc.) but I don't think it ever outweighed my good 'behaviour'.

Does that sound reasonable? I don't know cause I just had a glass of iced mocha and it's making me dizzy and a bit offguard now. ;) Anyway, I better stop crapping now but before that I want to thank my family and friends for their love and care for me on this supposedly special day of mine. I'd been blessed with great family and friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Turning 15 today feels pretty much the same with being 14 yesterday :)

P/S Besides being a bit dizzy due to the mocha, my com had just been hacked by POKEMON. Yup, pokemon. Thus it took me more than an hour to write this freakin' post cause POKEMON is now making my com and my life miserable!! Like Adel said, birthday present from Pikachu for me. Well, thanks for nothin' Pokemon!!!

And Sam Low, thanks for that wonderful post of me on your blog. luv ya, girl!!!

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Faridah said...

Hi gal,

I'm glad to hear that you did have a good time on your 15th bday.Your friends are so nice... (I read Samantha's blog and I think that is a nice bday gift if not the nicest a friend can give)

Looks like we both ate Italian on your bday but different time/place.I had pasta too last nite (with my flatmates and neighbours next door, one is leaving for Germany for good)I told them it was your bday and showed them your pics when you were barely 2 years old.Masa tu macam anak Arab (Palestine)Ha ha.They agreed you look beautiful and cute.Well you are, gal.Still.Cuma you gotta smile more often.Jgn la serious sangat..the sky isn't falling...yet. :)

Catcha soon.Nanti kat NYC, we go big time OK?