Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh how DRAMAtic (photos)

The drama photos are finally here! *credits to Luke.

Our class did the 'Going Green' theme and it was about travelling into the future, potraying the consequences of our future world if we don't start taking preventive measures to control global warming now.

Presenting the production team of 5 ANGSANA!!!


The lovely 'timekeeper'. Tee-hee!

Rauf looking like a gung-ho gangster in his wig

The pep/spirit talk before our performance

A depiction of the dirty Kayu Ara River

Jabir getting a lecture from Chong Wei on 'not to throw rubbish into the river'

Another lecture from me on enviromental preservation

And another lecture, again


The 'future generation' confronting Jabir on the things that the 21st century did and didn't do to the environment

That's what you get for NOT 'going green' ;P

Here comes the discipline teacher!


For memories...

With love from 5 ANGSANA =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh how DRAMAtic!

I never thought that a last minute work could be so fruitful. 5 Angsana only properly put our drama pieces together one day before the competition. I only memorised my lines the night before. But because of the excellent teamwork from everyone, we managed to get 1st runner up in today's drama competition. Wee-hee! =)

I know our drama wasn't all that great and funny like a few others. And I could hear some disgruntled voices questioning our winning. But one must remember that drama isn't all about the humour and comedy that it carries. The message that it conveys carry even more weight unless we're talking about Senario sketches here.

So perhaps, just perhaps that our drama today potrayed a clearer message and moral story to the judges despite not being as humorous as the rest. And that's why we're the 1st runner up. I guess.

Oh but 5 Angsana peeps, you were all awesome today. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

* pics will be coming soon

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This isn't for you

When your thoughts are incoherent and your feelings are jumbled up, this is what you get. A free poetry!

This isn't for you,
So don't pretend it is for you.

This isn't for you,
So don't sulk if I write something you dislike,

This isn't for you,
So don't start pointing your fingers,

This isn't for you,
So don't go talking behind people's backs,

This isn't for you,
So don't you give those icy stares.

This isn't for you,
So let it be and let it go.

This really isn't for you....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

I find it funny and amusing to see how many of us claim that we are good at keeping secrets and can be trusted with any saucy, hush-hush details.

You say "Jangan beritahu sapa-sapa tau" or "You didn't hear it from me ok but...." and open up a page of secrets that are meant to be private, trusting the person won't be repeating himself to anyone else.

But next thing you know, the whole school already knows which guy/girl you like, what happened between you and your partner last night or which guy is secretly smoking cigarettes. We love to gossip, indeed. And when gossip sessions begin, big mouths start to open, vomiting out anything and everything we know or hear. No matter how much we claim we can keep a secret...secret.

So, next time you want to tell someone something personal and private, be careful about who you tell it too.

Because nothing spreads wilder than a wildfire other than a hot, sizzling piece of secret.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Notebook Gal

Let's get random, shall we? I am a...notebook gal. I have a notebook for almost everything. From poems to Science notes to the little moments of my life. I have them all in writings!

Here are my top 5 favourite notebooks =)

1. These are my most favourite notebooks. This is where I write my poetry works and sometimes my Nostalgia work. Part of my soul is inside the pages of the books.

2. I can't go to school without this one. My 'jacket book' is my organizer and it is filled with school notes and homework.

3. This notebook might look humble and ordinary but this was where I jotted down my debate notes and points. Read through the pages and it's a whole different world already.

4. I even have a notebook specifically for my do'a (prayers). It's a very religious and spiritual book. Oh yeaa.

5. Ahh yes, this is my best kept secret. It's my personal diary. I used to write in it everyday but nowadays I only jot down life-altering moments which do not happen everyday. But I still love it!