Saturday, July 17, 2010

People of UIA

This is specially for the people of UIA.

When I first came to UIA, I hated the place. I couldn't do this, I couldn't do that. I always referred to it as the 'dungeon'. And then I walked into this classroom of people who came from different walks of life with colourful characters and differing opinions. Yet, we could still gelled together.

Two months had been a short period of time but it had been wonderful because of the classes and the people I met along the way. I hope our friendships wouldn't just end after we have stepped out of the classroom but they'll continue even after we have long left the place.

Before I left, some of us gathered for a farewell lunch at Jaya One.

Some of my classmates who were there

These people had done some amazing stuffs in their lives. And I'm sure they will continue to do so.

With Nabilah and Mar

My besties in UIA, Mar and Nabilah. We're so like-minded yet so different in many ways. It's amusing, really. You girls had made my time there much more interesting. All those illegal boy-hunting, the constant "Oh my god, he's hot!" screams from the both of you, the dinners and lunches at U Cafe, the random and hilarious BBM voice notes you girls sent.

MAR, you had been a great listener. I remember how you were so supportive and helpful of me when I first got to know of the Shell offer. You hooked me up with your JPA-scholar (Econs) friend and your uncle just so I could ask more questions about the field. We spent an hour in the empty library, talking about passion and the 'fire of the will'. Your story of how you survived SPM gave me inspiration on what I should do next. And you convinced me in so many ways on why I am indeed making the right choice and that I should not have any regrets.

Mar, you will go far in life not only because you're a wise girl but also because of the kindness of your heart. You're one of the nicest, sweetest people I've met in my life and I was fortunate enough to have met you here. Remember how you told me our duty is to always give to others and then Allah will give back to us? I think as long as we hold on to that, we will be alright no matter where we are. So, get your LLB and go be the chocolatier that you've always dreamed of. You deserve to be someone you want to be. That, and so much more.

NABILAH, we've met before but we never really became friends until we came here. Thank you for making my drowsy morning classes slightly interesting with your Omegle stories. Hehe. And girl, you sooo deserve someone who will love you for who you are, one that will not just 'try' to make things work but will actually do it, someone who will treat you the way you should be treated. He is out there, somewhere. Just don't force it. You know how good things come to those who wait? You'll see for yourself soon =)

AINI, you are a sweet girl with a beautiful heart. When we had our first meal at Nando's and you told me that experience you went through, you just astounded me with your strength and patience. I can tell you're someone who puts others before you and I think that's what makes you beautiful too. Keep it going, girl!

SYAMIR, we had been friends since we were in Form 1 and we're probably the only one in our clique that got 'thrown' into the same place. Lucky us! I had to leave but I'm sure you'll be alright there. Study hardcore gila babs while you're there so one day, I can see you as the doctor with the white coat in one of our hospitals. Just like in the photo above.

ABDUH, you have one of those characters that girls would actually die for in a guy. Big guy with an even bigger heart. You were one of those who urged me to take the offer, you reminded me how things like this only happen to special people and come by once in awhile. You said, "This short acquaintance would be one I remember. I'd always thought scholars are snobbish smart-alecks until I met you. You're not smart, you're actually intelligent." Words can't describe how wondrous you are and if there's anyone from one of us who could take over as the Chief Justice of Malaysia, it's YOU.

SARAH, so elegant and poise. My Krash Pad partner from UIA. You know I didn't mean the 'Big Mama' jokes right? ;) But you're smart, beautiful and astounding. Anything else won't matter when you have all that. Hope to see you very soon. At Krash Pad, perhaps.

AMALINA, you know you're an amazing girl. You know you're capable of so many things, that you could carry the mountain on your shoulders if you wanted to. But there are times when you doubt yourself too much. Don't, please. Good luck with all the MeLEX work. I'm sure the mock trial in particular would be a great success in December. It is time that you become the boss of your own :)

AISHAH, funny how we met when we were in Standard 4 and then got separated during secondary school and then got reunited again here. You're still the sweet, pretty girl I had always known so keep it that way, kay?

IMAN, I stumbled across your blog the other day and I was amazed at how poetic and deep your writings can be. Don't stop writing those things, they'll help you survive in this structured, rigid world of law. And semoga bahagia ke anak cucu-cucu dengan si dia. Hehe.

SADDIQ, you're passionate about so many things. Never had I met anyone who was so fervent about Malaysia and his school. RMC-bred, hardcore debater, staunch supporter of the government. That's an explosive combination. I'm sure you'll be THE politician of our time, soon.

HARRIS, you can become an explosive combination just like your roommate too. Good luck with your debating career here in UIA. I look forward to seeing your name and the rest in the newspapers for winning some prestigious debating cup overseas or something. Also, make sure you take good care of your precious girl. Hehe.

SHAFIQ, you're a mysterious dude, for sure. Probably because I did not have the chance to get to know you better but nonetheless, I hope you'll survive in this world of law and morality.

IMRAN, you're so blur and funny laa. I know you're confused whether you should be a lawyer or take up that MARA offer of aeronautical engineering (betul tak?) and sometimes you feel like being a bartender (so I've heard). But whatever it is that you choose at the end, I'm sure you're gonna be great at it. Go, Imran!

SYURA COUNCIL members, how lucky I was to be part of your family. You showed me what friendship, teamwork and hardwork really meant. It's a pity I couldn't stay longer with all of you but I'm sure you would all manage well even with one member out. Though I'm just glad I wouldn't have to go through those super-late 1a.m. meetings =p

To the rest, thank you for being such awesome coursemates. There was a reason why we all met in the first place and one day, when we meet again, let's pray that we will become somebody that the ummah can look up to. That, when I see the CEOs of companies, big-shot lawyers and judges, ambassadors etc in the future, I could point out and say, "Heyy, he/she was once my classmate in UIA." Insyaallah.

This is not a goodbye. It's a 'see you later'.

P/S I just realized from the photos above that I've actually gained weight from my time there. Grr! =(

Friday, July 16, 2010

Which One Prevails?

Alright, so decision has been made. In this battle of passion vs great opportunity, the favour goes to 'great opportunity'.

I officially withdrew from IIUM today and if everything goes well, I'll be starting my A-level in KYUEM next week. This was probably the hardest decision I had made so far in my life but it came after having deep discussions with my parents, seeking advices from experts some of which were economist of Bank Negara, former bank director and Econs graduates themselves. I weighed in the pros and cons of every possibility and that was what I came up with.

Initially, I didn't even want to apply for the scholarship as the whole process was so so tedious. But Ibu nagged me whole way through and I finally sent in my application the night of the dateline. And look where it got me. I couldn't be anymore thankful than this.

I had always seen myself as a lawyer, that perhaps Law was what I was meant to do. But I guess if things can change, so can visions and dreams. There's so much for me to say, on why I chose what I chose and I had already arranged those words in mind but decided to let those words just stay where they were. I don't need to explain the reason behind my decision as long as I'm ready for what's coming ahead of me.

I'm about to plunge into uncharted waters. I'll either sail through or I'll sink. But I've learned how to swim before this. In fact, that's how I got here.

Except that this time I'll have to swim harder.

P/S To those who missed seeing me in the newspapers, here they are. Hehehe ;)

News Straits Times. For the full article go here.

Utusan Malaysia. Though the title was off. 'Samseng sekolah'? Hah.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dilemma Oh Dilemma

I was in class when a Shell officer left a voice message on my phone, saying that I was chosen as one of their recipients for the Shell Overseas Scholarship. I refrained myself from jumping up and down and screaming in joy while Bro Mahyuddin was teaching about 'auction without reserve' in front of the class.

But when the excitement and joy had subsided down, I began to get into a dilemma. Of whether to accept the offer or not. They're offering me Finance/Economics where I can choose whichever Pre-University college I want to go to in Malaysia and later on for my degree, I am free to apply to whichever universities that I am keen on. I don't have the full details yet but will get them by next week.

It sounds like a great deal BUT I'm not sure if Finance/Economics is the thing for me, you know. Spending 2 months in UIA as its law student, I can feel it somewhere in me that Law suits who I am and my character. Plus it doesn't involve any maths or science. Ohh, how I love that!

When I first came here, I had mentally let go of all things related to Maths and Science since I thought I won't be needing them so much if I ended up with a Law degree. Like the other day, a friend asked me to solve this Add Maths-related question and all those numbers looked like Greek letters to me.

And now I'm supposed to take up an offer that involves a whole lot more of Maths and god-knows-what. How laaa? =/

It's a great offer, no doubt and I couldn't be even more thankful for this. The process of getting here wasn't an easy one. You would know if you read my previous posts. But there's also the other side of the coin which I would have to consider.

Because this could very much cause a major alteration of the road ahead of me.

It's Law vs Finance/Economics. It's passion vs a great opportunity.

Which will prevail?

Coming soon...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Running for Syura Council

You know, when you first enter college/university you have this mental checklist of the things you want to do while you're there? I have one too and one of the things on the list are to run for an election.

So I did just that last week. It was for the Syura Council of the Law Student Society (MeLEX). Here's how it worked. Around 100 Law students submitted their application to the department to be considered as one of the candidates and from there, they short-listed 30 of us to go through an interview session with the lecturers.

Only 25 successful interviewees will be allowed to run for the campaign and contest for the election. So it began. We had posters of ourselves hung around the campus, garnering (or begging) the support of fellow friends to vote for us that night and we had to be extra nice to the rest of the law student society. Hehehe.

And then came the Annual General Meeting night where all the Law students gathered together to elect their next line-up of the Syura Council. Each candidate was asked to go onstage and was given a topic to talk about for 2 minutes.

Some had to talk about a pink t-shirt, sambal belacan, Islam Hadhari and homosexual marriages. My topic was New Economic Model (NEM). I know right, so 'zzzzzzzz.....'

Anyhow, they voted and only 17 could be included in the new line-up of the Council. I loved how supportive and enthusiastic these people can be. The hall was shaking with screams and shrieks of the audiences who were supporting their favourite candidates. Way to live up the night!

So, I was one of the 17 members (yay!) and the next day we had a meeting on our own to decide on which post goes to whom. Someone will nominate a name for one particular post and if the majority agrees with it then he will be holding the position.

This process was first practiced during Prophet Muhammad's era where every decision and choices made were discussed among the Syura Council members beforehand. That's what we're doing too, right now.

I got the Head of General Secretariat post. Whatever that means. I'll find out soon enough la.

But for now, on the mental checklist, 'running an election'; CHECK =D

The poster. FYI, I don't spell greater as 'greather'. That was a typo error on their part.

The candidates of the night. Notice how everyone was dressed in black and white.

And that's me with my ever-chatty classmate cum Assistant Head of General Secretariat, Amalina