Saturday, January 12, 2008

a new beginning

School for the past few weeks. It was a little tiring and at times it could get annoying or boring. I'm in 4 Angsana this year and the class's fine. I'm the Pengerusi class and gosh the class could get really noisy sometimes and that will happen when you have Chee Fai, Giri, Thasban and the likes in one class. But it's ok, they keep the class in an upbeat mode.

And I'm sandwiched between Mimi and Ashiqin in the class and there'll be times when I couldn't stop my laughter cause Mimi kept on cracking stupid jokes or say something rather dumb but laughable that I get stomach ache from laughing so badly.

This year is gonna be pretty hectic. Netball training starts next week, inter class debate competitions is in another 2 weeks, Nostalgia stuff gonna start soon too, Turkish classes going on every weekend and on top of it all I have to keep up with the increasing amount of homework given by teachers. Haaaiizzz......

And Form 4 is nothing like Form 3. More homework, harder syllabuses, longer schooling hours etc. But I enjoy a good challenge and let's hope all of us will get through this well. =)