Monday, March 19, 2007

meaning of friendship

It all started when a personal message on MSN was being misinterpreted and somebody got hurt with the content of it and called me with inappropiate names (wouldnt want to elaborate further on that). Anyway, I got ticked off with this guy's comments and told his girlfriend 'bout this and she was like, 'so what?'
As a friend of course I felt hurt. For god's sake, I've been her friend before they were a couple. And for a friend to say 'so what?' after what the boyfriend said, well, it's just not right. I was just being honest 'bout them but I guess sometimes honesty is NOT the best policy.....I know from my actions it showed that I was being very unsupportive of them but what was I supposed to do? Say the opposite of things?? That's just not me.
But from this incident, I learned that an unsupportive friend is no use in life. I learned from my mistakes. Now, I would support her no matter what she's doing in her life because if that's how she wants to lead her be it. If she's happy then I'm happy too. But everything is cleared up between us already so I guess everything should be forgotten and at the same time should not be repeated.....

Thanks to my friends who stayed by me when I needed them the most and to a really sweet girl who told me not to blow things out of proportion instead put it into its perspectives. You girls know who you are so yeah...thanks again. And to the couple behind this story...I'm sorry too for whatever I've done and said that made you guys uncomfortable.

*names are not to be revealed due to their privacies...
P/S to MSN: when it's a personal message, it's supposed to be personal and not to be seen by your contacts. jeez

Friday, March 02, 2007

bad week

This week, by far, has been the worst week for me since the beginning of the year. I missed my school bus TWICE this week and 'cause I live quite far from school, transportation is a big matter for me and I have to wait all the way to 7pm to make it to the next ride home. And today because of En Phang's retirement day, we all had to be released a bit later from the usual time. A bit later means I will miss my bus and that was exactly what happened today.

I know he's retiring but who's freakin' idea was it to make this assembly at the end of the school day and have all those long, boring speeches when they know perfectly that time was limited. Because of just a teacher who was retiring, I had to stay another extra 5 hours in school when I had a ton of stuff to do at home and tuitonS at night!!! And when I arrive home late I'll be too tired to even think so how do you expect me to concentrate????ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!! And mind you, I wasn't the only one who had been left by our transports for comin' out late from school. A handful of us had to suffer the bloody consequences of it...

And to add another 'sadness' into my week, my RM 5 was stolen by I-dont-know-who during recess. MFB!!!! I know RM 5 is like nothing but I hate it when I lose my stuff unnecessarily. I don't know why but I sweat about all these minute issues. Then again, I'm a kinda person who has to have everything work out perfectly everyday.

I guess you can't have everything to be smooth sailing all the time, huh?? That should be a lesson to me (not to expect everything to work out perfectly all the time)'s a shout out to ASHIQIN ROSSELLY.....

May you have more great, fab years to come!!! ;)

'the posers' during merentas desa(haha)