Sunday, November 15, 2009

Farewell to you, DJ

Friday the 13th.

We bid our farewells to friends and teachers, said sorry and thank you for all the things that have been done or have not been done for the past 5 years.

So this is it. The curtain is closing down. The end is near. It's time to open up a new chapter. Though there are tears here and there (psstt Hanna hehe), I think most of us are pretty ecstatic to get SPM over and done with and leave DJ to embark on our own journeys.

I love DJ but after 5 years of my life spent there, it's definitely time to chase after something bigger and better outside. So nope, I'm not weeping or feeling despair with this farewell so I'll be leaving DJ with a heavyheart but with a high tone of excitement and elation of what lays ahead of me. Oohh you can already feel the buzz! =)

Most of the photos from Friday have not been uploaded yet. 'Cameramen' sibuk belajar, no time to upload photos. Heh.

But here are some photos from school taken a few months back and from Friday (thanks Nadia!). Any further blogging shall resume after SPM and I'll see you all after the 10th of December.

Good luck and goodbye! :)

Pretty ladies on the staircase

5 Angsana peeps. I heart you all <3

With Rach. Taken after our Nostalgia photoshoot. I'll miss you girl!

Oh we crazy people :)