Thursday, November 30, 2006

the poet in me

I'm suddenly inspired to write poems now. I guess I felt inspired when I went to my mum's poetry reading the other day. Before this I only knew how to READ not write poems. I guess it's time to unleash the poet in me now....if there's any. LOL! Here's a piece of poem I just wrote:

I Was A Fool
Oh yes, I was a fool,
To think that our friendship was like a love pool,
Filled with kindness and honesty.
We started great,
'Friends forever', you said,
Then came the time,
When you put me aside
for another friend.
Was it a girl friend or a guy,
I wonder why.
As the days and nights passed,
It finally came to me,
You were just a friend living in another shadow,
Putting up a terrific show,
Making others believe you're the innocent one,
And yet I was a fool,
To believe you as the person you're not.
So there, you go. It's based on something I experienced before. What do you think. Is it any good....for a first-timer?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

a night in a pub

Holidays are damn freaking bo-ring...I don't know 'bout you people but I rather be in school with my friends rather than just sitting at home doing nothing. Anyway, yesterday I went to a pub in KL. Yes, a pub, baby! I think I was the only under-18 teen who was there.

Unfortunately, I wasn't there with a boyfriend neither was it with my best friends. I was there with my....parents! Actually my mum was there for a poetry reading session in the pub called 'No Black Tie' so my dad and I just tagged along to give her a moral boost.

She was supposed to read 3 of her poems to the audience and I think they actually enjoyed it. My fave was the last piece which was "On the death of a great man". A very touching and inspiring piece of poem. It was 'bout my late grandfather who died way before I was born. Which was a sad thing because judging from the poem, he sounded like a really nice husband, father and grandfather which I'm sure he was.

I did learn new ways of reading poems either in english and malay after attending this poetry slam and hopefully can put it to good use sooner or later.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

heading for the future

The schooling year of 2006 has finally come to an end yesterday. It has been a great the beginning. But as the days nearing it's end, I think the excitement of the year started to decline. The great thing about 2 Belian is that it's full of classmates that are willing to help you through your hardtimes and to cheer you on during your happy times.

But I have to say that some of them do hate each other sometimes and giving them that evil looks and stares and I think I'm in that group of being ignored by this people.

Anyway,I think it's a good thing to move up to Batai next year. I was sad about it earlier but now...hey, it should be fun to get to know new people closer. I already have a my seatmate in Batai next year. Thanks to Valerie who was really generous to offer me to sit beside her in class.

Forgetting the past and heading for the future. But of course I won't forget all those sweet memories I had in 2 Belian. Just going to forget those bitter memories I had these past few weeks.

Monday, November 13, 2006

life without maid

I was cleaning up the fish pond in my house or let's just call it a fish-pond-without-any-fish-in-it the other day when SPLASH! I went into the pond. Anyway, a night before my open house, mum decided to buy a pair of guppy fish for the pond so that the next day people won't ask why isn't there any fish in the pond.

Unfortunately, 2 days later, one of the fish died and the other one had gone missing without any trace. We even tried putting droplets of aromatherapy oil inside the water to give energy to the fish, minutes before it died but I guess the time had come for the thing to go.

And now, with my maid gone back to Indonesia for a month, I had to do everything on my own. From ironing my own clothes to cooking my own food or rather heating up all the leftovers. Now I know life without a maid and it ain't easy, you know? I guess I was too dependent on maids.

I better be going now as I have a sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed.

Friday, November 10, 2006

3 BATAI.......OH, NO!!!!

Pn Julie called me aside yesterday to tell me a news that really cluttered my brain right now. In a relaxed tone she told me,"Zafirah, awak akan ke 3 Batai tahun hadapan. Awak seorang je yang pergi yang lain in Belian akan stay". WHAT!!!!! I'll be in Batai where as all my friends are in Belian????

How could this happen to me? Some of my friends and teachers told me it's a good thing to go there 'cause it means I'm making a 'lil progress. Mum said I will get a new set of friends with a new environment.

Heck! I don't have time for a new environment next year. Fitting in a new environment takes time and I rather be using my time to prepare for my PMR next year. But whatever, I can't do anything 'bout it now. I thought of staying in Belian class 'til Form 5 but wth......

Well, I guess Batai shouldn't be that bad. For one thing, they have a great debate team there (if the members of their team this year remains in Batai next year) and for another, this maybe for the best of everything........hopefully.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

goodbye, pn nancy!

One of my favourite teacher, Pn Nancy has left SMKDJ for good. We had a retirement celebration for her and I played the violin while Nunu and Jac sang the 'Getaran Jiwa' song. Though some criticised the song being too boring and what not, I don't care a bit 'bout it. We chosed this song especially for her and we were there to entertain Pn Nancy not those people and as long as she was happy with that song, I'm more than glad 'bout it.

She was a marvellous and dedicated teacher. Never in my 8 years of schooling in 3 different schools (excluding my kindergarten's times) have I seen such a dedicated teacher who was willing to come to school on holidays to train her students, to pick up a student who lives 20 km away from her house just so that the student can attend choir practices (that's me!) and she had gave in a lot to the society as well as the school.

She reminded me of one thing yesterday. She told me not to forget to invite her to my wedding one day. OOOKKK.......I think I'm too early to think 'bout inviting whoever to my 'wedding' right now but ok, I will not forget to invite her.

Pn Nancy Lee......a one in a gazillion.

Monday, November 06, 2006

a day of unity

Me, Nunu, Syamir and Jay minutes before the concert (gawd I look weird!!!)

Yesterday's Konsert Perpaduan was a....success. We had 2 sessions of concert and I'm happy to say that both sessions were full house! The first session which was at 3pm, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting came and the second session which was at 8pm, some guy from the Ministry of Education came.

The objective of this concert is for unity. Well, the title says it all. The day was filled with students and teachers of various races working hard together to put up a great concert. You could really see the teamwork from each participants.

As for SMKDJ, I think we did pretty well. Our choir group sang 3 songs which was in BM, Indian and Cantonese. All of us planned this performance way back in June. So, you know how hard we worked for this thing.

Even though there were some bumps and hitches along the way, i.e. some choir members pulled out from the group, not coming for practices (I did that quite often..) but we still manage to put up quite a spectacular show and I have it all to thank for to Pn Nancy for always pushing us to do the right thing and of course, the choir members who were loyal enough to stick with the group 'till the end.

But the weird thing was that Diong actually got interviewed by 8TV newsteam. Out of almost 500 participants who were there, they chosed him. Unbeliavable! But I couldn't understand what the interview was all about 'cause it was in chinese but still...he wasn't the ONLY chinese around.