Thursday, November 30, 2006

the poet in me

I'm suddenly inspired to write poems now. I guess I felt inspired when I went to my mum's poetry reading the other day. Before this I only knew how to READ not write poems. I guess it's time to unleash the poet in me now....if there's any. LOL! Here's a piece of poem I just wrote:

I Was A Fool
Oh yes, I was a fool,
To think that our friendship was like a love pool,
Filled with kindness and honesty.
We started great,
'Friends forever', you said,
Then came the time,
When you put me aside
for another friend.
Was it a girl friend or a guy,
I wonder why.
As the days and nights passed,
It finally came to me,
You were just a friend living in another shadow,
Putting up a terrific show,
Making others believe you're the innocent one,
And yet I was a fool,
To believe you as the person you're not.
So there, you go. It's based on something I experienced before. What do you think. Is it any good....for a first-timer?


princess hanna said...

nice poem zaf..! especially for a first-timer! anyway, hu were u talking about anyway? is it me? is it me? is it me? :'((((

nik zafirah said...

lol,hanna.dunt wasnt u.i was talking 'bout someone can it be u since u're such a goody fren. :-D

Faridah said...

oh daughter is a poet!better than mommy..wuaaaaa....

congrats Z.I like it.It's very honest.

But it isn't your first time..I know you wrote your own poems for school events (the one you won third prize for Daerah Petaling for Minggu Geografi? Didn't you write that one too?)

Papa sorang je tak tau tulis poems.Ha ha..but he will soon as long as we consistently and systematically drag him to our poetry readings and later, poetry workshops...

mysterio4eva said...

ah-ha.i bet i know who you're talking about. it's --------.wouldn't want to say out the name because i have no intention of causing a stir here.but i just know it's her.

Samantha said...

nice one zaf =) hope the holidays have been good for you.Yeah it does get kinda boring but I wouldn go to the extent of saying I miss our science lessons and want to go back to school =P

mysterio4eva who are you? i read you're previous comments on zaf's older posts and what right do you have to say belianians are worthless when you are not even in our class?you don't know us at all.You're just a coward who won't reveal his/her name because you're afraid.Hit-and-run loser.

Lollipop said...

so nicee. keep it up, darls.
hope to see more from ya!