Monday, November 06, 2006

a day of unity

Me, Nunu, Syamir and Jay minutes before the concert (gawd I look weird!!!)

Yesterday's Konsert Perpaduan was a....success. We had 2 sessions of concert and I'm happy to say that both sessions were full house! The first session which was at 3pm, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting came and the second session which was at 8pm, some guy from the Ministry of Education came.

The objective of this concert is for unity. Well, the title says it all. The day was filled with students and teachers of various races working hard together to put up a great concert. You could really see the teamwork from each participants.

As for SMKDJ, I think we did pretty well. Our choir group sang 3 songs which was in BM, Indian and Cantonese. All of us planned this performance way back in June. So, you know how hard we worked for this thing.

Even though there were some bumps and hitches along the way, i.e. some choir members pulled out from the group, not coming for practices (I did that quite often..) but we still manage to put up quite a spectacular show and I have it all to thank for to Pn Nancy for always pushing us to do the right thing and of course, the choir members who were loyal enough to stick with the group 'till the end.

But the weird thing was that Diong actually got interviewed by 8TV newsteam. Out of almost 500 participants who were there, they chosed him. Unbeliavable! But I couldn't understand what the interview was all about 'cause it was in chinese but still...he wasn't the ONLY chinese around.


princess hanna said...

hey,the concert sounded like a blast.too bad i didnt come.btw, did diong REALLY got interviewed? LOL! but i guess luck was on his side. xD

mysterio4eva said...

The loser diong got interviewed by 8TV?????you must be joking,weyh!What a weird joke.

nik zafirah said...

lol,ppl!i'm not joking here.ask anybody who were there and u'll know it....