Thursday, November 23, 2006

a night in a pub

Holidays are damn freaking bo-ring...I don't know 'bout you people but I rather be in school with my friends rather than just sitting at home doing nothing. Anyway, yesterday I went to a pub in KL. Yes, a pub, baby! I think I was the only under-18 teen who was there.

Unfortunately, I wasn't there with a boyfriend neither was it with my best friends. I was there with my....parents! Actually my mum was there for a poetry reading session in the pub called 'No Black Tie' so my dad and I just tagged along to give her a moral boost.

She was supposed to read 3 of her poems to the audience and I think they actually enjoyed it. My fave was the last piece which was "On the death of a great man". A very touching and inspiring piece of poem. It was 'bout my late grandfather who died way before I was born. Which was a sad thing because judging from the poem, he sounded like a really nice husband, father and grandfather which I'm sure he was.

I did learn new ways of reading poems either in english and malay after attending this poetry slam and hopefully can put it to good use sooner or later.

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