Monday, November 13, 2006

life without maid

I was cleaning up the fish pond in my house or let's just call it a fish-pond-without-any-fish-in-it the other day when SPLASH! I went into the pond. Anyway, a night before my open house, mum decided to buy a pair of guppy fish for the pond so that the next day people won't ask why isn't there any fish in the pond.

Unfortunately, 2 days later, one of the fish died and the other one had gone missing without any trace. We even tried putting droplets of aromatherapy oil inside the water to give energy to the fish, minutes before it died but I guess the time had come for the thing to go.

And now, with my maid gone back to Indonesia for a month, I had to do everything on my own. From ironing my own clothes to cooking my own food or rather heating up all the leftovers. Now I know life without a maid and it ain't easy, you know? I guess I was too dependent on maids.

I better be going now as I have a sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed.


Faridah said...

What are you doing taking time off vacuuming the carpet, Z? (to write this blog?) Ha poor baby...itulah..Ibu dah kata hidup ni macam roda..bila tiba waktu susah, kita mesti pandai adjust.I'm so proud of you for being independent.Your dinner today (spaghetti bolognaise) was superb.Kalah restoran Italiano, my bambino! Thank you.We still have 30 days to go.We survived the first day.Papa pun pandai bangun pagi iron baju sendiri.Ibu pun pandai siapkan sarapan utk Papa.

nik zafirah said...

haha..i guess it's time for me to do stuff on my own rite now,rite?

Anonymous said...

Hey girrl. Give ur maid a break! U mustn't rely on her too much cause there are things that u have to do by your own bed, washing your own plates and glasses after meals, taking care of your own fish, yadda, yadda, yadda. U r goin' to do these chores when u go to college anyway or r u taking ur maid along? lol

nik zafirah said...

yeah..meg..that is what i'm doing right now,btw.i'm in the process of learning to do my chores by myself but of cuz it takes time to get used to everything even to fit in ur new college,rite?