Wednesday, November 08, 2006

goodbye, pn nancy!

One of my favourite teacher, Pn Nancy has left SMKDJ for good. We had a retirement celebration for her and I played the violin while Nunu and Jac sang the 'Getaran Jiwa' song. Though some criticised the song being too boring and what not, I don't care a bit 'bout it. We chosed this song especially for her and we were there to entertain Pn Nancy not those people and as long as she was happy with that song, I'm more than glad 'bout it.

She was a marvellous and dedicated teacher. Never in my 8 years of schooling in 3 different schools (excluding my kindergarten's times) have I seen such a dedicated teacher who was willing to come to school on holidays to train her students, to pick up a student who lives 20 km away from her house just so that the student can attend choir practices (that's me!) and she had gave in a lot to the society as well as the school.

She reminded me of one thing yesterday. She told me not to forget to invite her to my wedding one day. OOOKKK.......I think I'm too early to think 'bout inviting whoever to my 'wedding' right now but ok, I will not forget to invite her.

Pn Nancy Lee......a one in a gazillion.

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