Friday, September 22, 2006

feed the monster you've created

This week, NST carried out on the issue of teachers gained a lot of money from giving tuitions to student. Since then parents started complaining 'bout the teachers should be more serious in doing their job. If they taught well in school then we, the students might not need tuition.

The parents also complained that because of all these tuition classes, they had to pay a lot on it including my mum. Well, what do you expect? Nothing's free in this world and certainly NOT education. What I'm trying to say is that parents shouldn't complain that they're paying too much for our education and they have nothing to save for their golden age and what not.

Well, who actually send us to all these tuition classes if not the parents? Who asked us to join the music classes, take up art classes and learn to pick up French if not the parents? The children didn't ask for all these. It's because of the pressure from the family members especially our parents that wants us to score with flying colours in our academics that we have to go for all these classes.

I know that they meant well but the least they could do is stop complaining 'bout the high expenses of all these tuitions and classes. You created the monster and now you have to feed it. You don't expect to just let go of what you asked for.

Let us enjoy our childhood and teen years in an unburdenful environment.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

frog incident

Those from SMKDJ afternoon session, did u hear a loud scream at around 5 pm? Well, if you did it was because of a bunch of girls who were terrified of a frog which appeared in front of the 'surau'. To make matters worse, Safwan took it and shoved it to the girls that made them screamed even louder.

He even put the frog in my shoe. Well, not directly put it but he put it on the floor which was inches away from my shoes. I was praying inside 'surau' so I didn't know what happened. The frog then hopped into my shoe! ERRK!!!! Disgusting. Luckily someone took it out. When I came out to see what really happened, Pn Betty was already at the scene scolding the students for shouting.

Then she called Safwan and all the prefects who was there (Syazwan, Saiful, Alia) including ME! WTH! She asked Safwan did he play with the frog? I thought he would say no and make up some lame excuses but coolly he answered, "Ya". She also asked the prefects why didn't we do something 'bout the screaming.

I said I was praying with Alia so what do you expect me to do? Luckily she understood and let Alia and I go. She even said, "Kenapa perlu menjerit? It's just a frog. You're bigger than the frog. Why do you have to be afraid of it?"

'Kenapa perlu menjerit?' Yeah, right! Try and put a frog in front of her and see whether will she sit down and just look at the frog or will she screamed like the girls.

That was the yuckiest thing ever. A frog went into my shoe. Of all shoes, it chosed mine. I'm the lucky one...NOT! Felt like throwing away the shoe but decided not to since I have only 2 pairs of the black shoes.

The last time I saw the frog was when it was swimming in the drain in front of the 'surau' which was then full of water due to the rain.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Semangat DJians *bluek*

Yee-Haa!!!!! I went for a 'sajak' district level competiton and I won the 3rd placing. Though not the best, it was better than nothing. My 'sajak' was called "Secangkir Kesedaran" which I wrote myself. The competition was held in SMK Damansara Damai 1.

But what really made me utterly disappointed despite the fact that I won something was that, it seemed like the school wasn't supporting me in this competition. The reason I'm saying this is that: NOT a single teacher was willing to accompany me to the school as a 'guru pengiring'. I saw that every single contestants today was accompanied by their teacher but me....I was left alone sitting like an idiot.

I had to go there on my own and I was forced to find my own transport back to school. How the hell am I supposed to do that since both my parents are working? Didn't they think of that? I guess NOT! Lucky Pn Yip from morning session was kind enough to allow me to go back with her and the rest of the Geo quiz team.

What happened to the so-called "SEMANGAT DJians"??? Rubbish shit. Never in life I went for a competition outside of the school without 'guru pengiring'. I know the 'sajak' competition is just a small competition but hey, at least give the support-lah. I entered this competition for the sake of the school. If it's not for the school,I won't even think of reading any 'sajaks'.

What's the point of giving a good name to the school if they don't even support us?