Thursday, August 31, 2006


Merdeka Day started for me today by going to Ikano (12am) to watch the fireworks. It was brilliant with the colourful fireworks bursting for 10 mins. There was a concert put up by the local artists (Pop Shuvit, Anuar Zain etc.)

Then at 8 am I had a netball competition in my neighbourhood in conjuction with the Merdeka Day. Unfortunately, my team lost by 2 points (the score was 9-11). Well, my team did not even practice at all and we have inexperience players on the team so yeah.....that's partly the reason why we lost.

MERDEKA? What does that word mean to you? Well, mostly people would answer: freedom. Actually it's more than just freedom. Merdeka means the act of being free and standing on our own 2 feet after being colonized by the foreign power for so many years.

Our task at hand right now as Malaysians is to preserve our dignity and freedom by not letting any other problems or power break us apart.

As we move forward, let us not lose sight of the past that brought so much pain to the generation before us in order for them to get the independence that we are enjoying right now.


Friday, August 18, 2006

happy hols n happy studying!!!!

KGT, Sivik project and kerja kayu all sent in today. Seems like a lot of work, huh? Well, it was a hell lot of work. Especially KGT. But the good thing was that I got 18/20 for my 'kerja kayu' which was kinda good.

Well, even if the holidays season are starting, it doesn't make it more exciting, at least for me. There are approximately 4 weeks until the beginning of our nightmares, end-of- the-year exams. Well, worst for me since it's the fasting month during the exams weeks and I just can't imagine how to survive without food the whole freaking day.

I'm not saying that it's bad to fast. It's actually good since I get to diet. LOL. But I need energy so I can answer exams excellently!! Haiiz....praying hard that I'll pass with flying colours.

To all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and of course, HAPPY STUDYING!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How shallow can you be?

I was doing my prefect's duty yesterday when I came across this boy prefect. He's quite into the Malaysian entertainment industry. We always talk 'bout the up and down's of the industry together. I watched Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical already and I told him it was so freaking nice that he should go and watch it if he has time.

And he's reply was, "I don't want-lah since it's a Malay production." I was shocked by his answer. I didn't know that a boy from a top class can think in such a shallow way. Fine, if you don't want to see it 'cause it's a Malay production, think in a way that is a Malaysian production since there were various races involved in the making of it.

I came across this person once who thought as shallow as the boy did. I was showing her a picture of a Chinese actor on a newspaper. I asked her, "Hey, he's cute. Don't you think so?" She replied, "Eewww! A Chinese with a squinted eyes??? Of course not!!!"

I didn't know that there were so many people out there who are still shallow in their thinking. I thought that since we live in a multi- racial country we tend to respect each other more and think with an open mind.

But I was wrong.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Only Originals Allowed!

I received a call from Pn Norhayati yesterday when I was sleeping soundly at around 8 am. She called to ask me to jot down the 'sajak' which I was supposed to recite today. WTH. Memorise a 2 page long 'sajak' in just a day????

But luckily my 'sajak' reading went well today during the 'Pelancaran Kempen Mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang'. Whew! Later on we had Sivik. We were supposed to write a 'sajak' (again 'sajak'!) on a manila card and decorate it. Apparently, it was part of the Aug monthly test so we can't 'cincai' doing it.

Pn Norhayati gave us pointers on what to write. Then she said, "Kamu tidak boleh meniru sajak. Semuanya mesti asli. Saya boleh tahu mana tiru mana tidak." Zhan Wen and Sathiya who was sitting behind me said to me, " 'ciplak-ing allowed'. Yes, thank you very much you guys.

You didn't have to remind me of the past incident when during Sivik period also, the teacher (at that time was Cik Julia) asked us to write our OWN 'sajak' in a group. My group was real lazy to even think of anything. So, I as the team leader with the approval of others decided to take a patriotic song, "Bersatu" and turnt it into a 'sajak' hoping that no one would notice.

I guess if I read it to my friends ONLY, they would believe that it's an original piece. But things were otherwise when I read it with Cik Julia listening. She instantly knew that the so-called 'sajak' I was reading was actually a song. So, yeah, I learnt a lesson from that incident which was never to copy 'sajak' anymore when I was supposed to write my own. You guys need not worry 'bout that.

Hanya Ori saja dibenarkan!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

from mph to puteri gunung ledang

the book cover

Hang Tuah and the Princess of Mount Ledang

I was at Midvalley MPH today for my mum's reading session on her self-published book titled The Art of Naming: A Muslim Woman's Journey. It's a really interesting book. It's a selection of poems written by her 'bout her journey of life. I'm not saying it's interesting 'cause the author is my mum or what. But seriously, it's very fun to read since it's written in an easy way so that everyone can relate to it. Only RM 20.

Then, later on my family and I went to Istana Budaya to watch the very much critically acclaimed Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL) the Musical. Gosh, it was freaking nice! Such a wonderful piece of story. The musical theater was far better than the movie.

It's 'bout the princess of Mount Ledang who was madly in love with the Melaka warrior, Hang Tuah. But then, at the same time the King of Melaka wanted to marry the Princess so Hang Tuah had to choose to be loyal to the King by leaving the Princess or follow the love of his life.

Majestic kings, dazzling damsels, heroic warriors. See the glory of 15th Century Melaka unfold before your very eyes. Breathtaking sets, resounding chorus lines, pulsating rhythms and spirited contemporary choreography combine in a fury of staggering imagination to bring you a night to remember.

Since it's a musical theater, so there was a lot of singing and dancing and I really loved the songs. And 1 more thing that I really like 'bout this theater was that the guy who played Hang Tuah ( Stephens Rahman Hughes) was fregging cute!!!!!! He's a West End actor so he's like a pro in theaters and acting.

You guys should go and watch it. It's hard to produce a production as high class as this in Malaysia so grab this chance while you still can. They're still viewing it till 21 aug. If you can't really understand BM especially when it's spoken faster than you can catch it, there's subtitle available so, yeah no worries.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Whew! What a rather tiring day today! It all started when I had to go to school at 7.30 am 'cause the pm session choir has the 'raptai' for the upcoming Konsert Perpaduan which is in Nov. Anyway, we were late. When it was supposed to be our turn to perform, HALF of the whole choir haven't even arrived since there's only 1 van and it's not enough to fit all of us in.

So the driver had to make 2 trips and that was what made us late. It was rather embarassing 'cause it just show how indiscipline we were. But it wasn't entirely our fault (choir members) since pn nancy rented a van. She should've asked for a bus instead.

Anyway, despite all of this, I think we did pretty good. We sang 3 songs:
Malay song (Bersatu)
Indian song ( ermmm......ask jayshendra)
Chinese song (Phang Yau)

So you could say that we're a multi-language choir. After that went back to school at around 12.30 pm. Nunu and I decided to go to Missy's (nickname for my friend) house and change our clothes there since we were wearing our precious baju kurung and you know how filthy was the toilet so we don't want to get our clothes dirty. It was a really hot day and it took us 'bout 10 mins to walk to her house.

However, when we arrived, she and the other 2 girls were ready to go to school. WTH. Why suddenly they wanted to go to school early???? And Missy, instead of waiting for us to AT LEAST change our clothes since we walked quite a long way to come here.

But NO..... she just went to school without even considering slightly 'bout us. So then Nunu and I stayed at her house for 10 mins to change our clothes. We actually wanted to stay longer 'cause we were too tired to walk back to school but with the Missy not being at home, it felt unusual to do that. We had to WALK BACK to school under the hot sun again.

I guess to some people going to Atria is more important than waiting for your best friends to change their clothes after walking for 10 mins to go to her house.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


During Seni period yesterday, Pn Lee was so kind hearted to let us do whatever we want. So, Jia Yi and I decided to compose our own songs. With only 30 mins, we produced our own song together, complete with the lyrics and the rhythm. Here's how it goes:

4ever and ever

She's the one,
He's the one,
We're all together
on a golden thread,
That is friends.

Wrecking ship,
Rocking ship,
It doesn't matter anymore,
'Cause I have your friendship.

You're there for me,
Whenever I needed you,
I'm always beside you,
For as long as you want me too.

Forever and ever,
We're together.

What do you think? Good enough to compose songs for Mariah Carey or perhaps Shakira? LOL!

I know the lyrics are a bit funny but hey, it was better than doing nothing.