Saturday, August 12, 2006


Whew! What a rather tiring day today! It all started when I had to go to school at 7.30 am 'cause the pm session choir has the 'raptai' for the upcoming Konsert Perpaduan which is in Nov. Anyway, we were late. When it was supposed to be our turn to perform, HALF of the whole choir haven't even arrived since there's only 1 van and it's not enough to fit all of us in.

So the driver had to make 2 trips and that was what made us late. It was rather embarassing 'cause it just show how indiscipline we were. But it wasn't entirely our fault (choir members) since pn nancy rented a van. She should've asked for a bus instead.

Anyway, despite all of this, I think we did pretty good. We sang 3 songs:
Malay song (Bersatu)
Indian song ( ermmm......ask jayshendra)
Chinese song (Phang Yau)

So you could say that we're a multi-language choir. After that went back to school at around 12.30 pm. Nunu and I decided to go to Missy's (nickname for my friend) house and change our clothes there since we were wearing our precious baju kurung and you know how filthy was the toilet so we don't want to get our clothes dirty. It was a really hot day and it took us 'bout 10 mins to walk to her house.

However, when we arrived, she and the other 2 girls were ready to go to school. WTH. Why suddenly they wanted to go to school early???? And Missy, instead of waiting for us to AT LEAST change our clothes since we walked quite a long way to come here.

But NO..... she just went to school without even considering slightly 'bout us. So then Nunu and I stayed at her house for 10 mins to change our clothes. We actually wanted to stay longer 'cause we were too tired to walk back to school but with the Missy not being at home, it felt unusual to do that. We had to WALK BACK to school under the hot sun again.

I guess to some people going to Atria is more important than waiting for your best friends to change their clothes after walking for 10 mins to go to her house.


adeline said...

take it easy la..
maybe she need to get something urgently..
although i know whose that..

nik zafirah said...

im taking it easy now after she admitted her mistake...that's gud

sofia a.k.a nunu said...

haha..luvin itt...nvm la..mayb they juz didnt realize..still..its quitebad la though..even though they did dat..we shud sacrifice 4 forgivin..we cant be mad day..they will realize their bad sides..but from the looks of it..i'd say dat day will be a long time from now..but.. hey! nobody'z buddies 4eva! muahx muahx~

nik zafirah said...

yeah, buddies 4eva no matter what