Monday, August 14, 2006

Only Originals Allowed!

I received a call from Pn Norhayati yesterday when I was sleeping soundly at around 8 am. She called to ask me to jot down the 'sajak' which I was supposed to recite today. WTH. Memorise a 2 page long 'sajak' in just a day????

But luckily my 'sajak' reading went well today during the 'Pelancaran Kempen Mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang'. Whew! Later on we had Sivik. We were supposed to write a 'sajak' (again 'sajak'!) on a manila card and decorate it. Apparently, it was part of the Aug monthly test so we can't 'cincai' doing it.

Pn Norhayati gave us pointers on what to write. Then she said, "Kamu tidak boleh meniru sajak. Semuanya mesti asli. Saya boleh tahu mana tiru mana tidak." Zhan Wen and Sathiya who was sitting behind me said to me, " 'ciplak-ing allowed'. Yes, thank you very much you guys.

You didn't have to remind me of the past incident when during Sivik period also, the teacher (at that time was Cik Julia) asked us to write our OWN 'sajak' in a group. My group was real lazy to even think of anything. So, I as the team leader with the approval of others decided to take a patriotic song, "Bersatu" and turnt it into a 'sajak' hoping that no one would notice.

I guess if I read it to my friends ONLY, they would believe that it's an original piece. But things were otherwise when I read it with Cik Julia listening. She instantly knew that the so-called 'sajak' I was reading was actually a song. So, yeah, I learnt a lesson from that incident which was never to copy 'sajak' anymore when I was supposed to write my own. You guys need not worry 'bout that.

Hanya Ori saja dibenarkan!

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adeline said...

we are the ciplak group..