Sunday, March 13, 2011

Of Romantic Wedding and Reunion of Friendships

I've always loved fairy tale weddings and sweet romances. You know, those stuff that make you all gooey and warm-hearted in the inside. Hanna's elder sister, Lina got married on Saturday to her long-time boyfriend, Zakwan whom she met while studying in France few years back. Some of us were fortunate enough to be invited and boyy, did we have a ball of a time at the wedding.

The setting was beautiful. It was a fusion of garden & Greek-themed wedding, in a way. The bride was certainly dressed like a gorgeous Greek goddess in her white dress with a trail that flowed effortlessly on the floor. Fresh flowers adorned the tables and around the house, too. And soft hues of lights lit up the place with the guests dressing up to their nines as well.

I loved how the performances were not by some invited artists or celebrities but by their own family members. Hanna's big and small cousins, younger brother, aunty and even her pregnant sister-in-law took the stage to entertain us with their renditions of love songs. An intimate affair, it was.

Though I've to say the table with the DJ-ian peeps was probably the noisiest, most kecoh table of the night. It's been awhile since we last saw each other so there were lots of stories, jokes and excitement to be shared with. But that's just how we are when we get together in a big group. I've always thought I pumped up a muscle or two in the stomach every time I met them. So much laughing went on! Hehehe.

I've known Lina ever since I was friends with Hanna about 6 years ago. She had always been the sweet, pretty older sister though we hardly saw much of her since she was away in France to do her studies. Tonight, when she came to our table to greet us, she said, "Dah lain dah muka-muka kat meja ni." (The faces on this table are different now.) Haha indeed, it's been 6 years anyway. She's different too. More beautiful and demure-looking with her own fresh career at Accenture and now, being newly (and happily) married to Zakwan.

Congratulations, Lina and Zakwan! May your love grow even stronger from here onwards and may your future be even more wonderful than you ever dreamed possible :)

Us girls at the wedding. Left to right: Anis, Hanna, Syira, Alia, Me, Shiqin

Salwa, the sister-in-law performing a song while accompanied by the brother-in-law's strums of guitar

The setting of the wedding

Group shot with the bride and the groom

With Alia and Anis. I felt tall. Must be the heels. Hehe.

The Greek goddess of the night with her groom and sister

Blown away! With Alia and Shiqin

The compulsory 'Vogue' pose with Hanna Banana

Polaroid shots were taken of the guests and we could write congratulatory notes to the couple and hang them together on a tree. So adorable!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Seni Seviyorum, Turkiye

When one of my former Turkish tutors, Isil texted me if I was interested to help with the Turkish Language Olympics booth at the Turkish Cultural Carnival, I immediately said Yes! I've not seen any of them for a very long time and was looking forward to this encounter again.

The Carnival wasn't only on the Turkish culture but we had people from South Korea, Poland, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Egypt etc coming over and setting up their own booths there. And the foods on sale made my mouth water and made my appetite turned into a hungry monster.

I had the chance to meet my former tutors, Sumeyra and Isil and their other friends. Met the other Malaysian participants of the Olympics, the batches after me (2008). And the kids who were there were soooooo adorable! I felt like kidnapping one home. The handsome guys, too. Hehehe.

I realized how much I missed Turkey. The beautiful people, the delicious food, the resplendent views of the country. I had an 'American Dream' and I also had a 'Turkish Dream'. My mum would probably kill me for saying this but I dream to marry a handsome, hunky Turkish man, move to Istanbul and have pretty Turkish babies together. Yayyerr =p

Turkey, I will come and visit you again. One fine day. Gorusuruz, Turkiye!

With Sumeyra and Isil, the lovely Turkish ladies who taught me how to speak the language.

A few of the adorable kids who were there. Turkish, Polish and African little boys.

At the Turkish booth

With the girls from Kazakhstan (or was it Turkmenistan)

Musical tribute to Kazakhstan

Ahh, once upon a time ago. The poster from 2008