Saturday, December 09, 2006

reporter in the making

On 2nd & 3rd of dec (last week), I went to an NST workshop called the 'Young Reporter's Workshop'. Yeah, I'm on my way to be a journalist...NOT!! Actually my parents sent me to this workshop to kill off some of my boredom due to the school holidays.

So I did learn some of the basic reporting skills needed to be a reporter. On the 2nd day of the workshop, my team (Bombastic Reporters!!) were supposed to interview a restaurant operator 'bout their water supply and they sent us to a 'mamak' restaurant. I don't mind being sent to a 'mamak' restaurant since I myself sometimes favour their food.

But the problem was that, the workers there didn't speak English and spoke a minimal of Malay. So I had to speak to them in very slow and simple Malay. I asked one worker, "Air paip dekat sini, belanja untuk sebulan berapa?" Loosely translated, the question meant: How much is the water usage here for a month?".

The guy answered me, "Ada banyak. Itu satu teh tarik RM 1.20. Milo ais, semua ada." Translation: There's a lot. One 'teh tarik' is RM 1.20. There's also Milo ice, there's everything,"
He thought I was asking him 'bout the drinks in the restaurant!!! Oh, well, I can't actually blame them, can I?

So then, we still had to go back and write up a story on water usage and water conservation in a restaurant. With practically nothing in hand, I still had to write the news and make the best out of it.

But it was rather interesting to be able to join this workshop. I did meet new friends and friends that I'd known before. But one thing for sure, I don't want to be a journalist 'cause writing is not really my 'cup of tea'.


Faridah said...

I'm surprised you said that "writing is not my cuppa tea".

You have been writing this blog (which is fun to read) and poems (which is also fun to listen to) But I agree, writing should not be your bread and butter.We'll stick to your John Hopskin's dream.Wink!Wink!

nik zafirah said...

haha..hopefully john hopkins will accept me l8tr.:)