Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'the dead tree belongs to me'

All I did for holidays so far was eat, sleep, watch TV, internet (you get the picture). My parents were kinda pissed off with me for being such a lazy bum these holidays. I mean, how many of you people actually open up a 'real' book and study it during holidays??? How many???

So they nagged me a few days ago and asked me to start preparing for next year, start doin' my art work since I suck badly in art and also to pick up my violin and to start playing back after I had put it to 'rest' for more than a month.

I started doin' my drawing yesterday. I ran out of art blocks so I had to do it on A4 paper and colour pencils. Whatever, my job was to do a drawing and get it done no matter what material I used. I noticed that when I listened to Jessica Simpson's 'I Belong To Me' while doin' my art work, it got me really inspired to do it and finish up the piece (which most of the time I have problem to even get started).

So, by listening to the song plus the frustration of being nagged 'bout.... and WALLAH!! This is my master piece:

I know it sounds lame to make such a big deal out of a drawing that looked like it belong to some kindergarten kid but I'm actually kinda proud of myself of having to draw something that didn't look that weird without the help of ANYBODY. After like 3 months of not doin' anything artistic, I thought I'd lost my touches (not that I have any magical touches).

I don't know why I drew a dead tree, actually.


Faridah said...

With this entry, I am now convinced, my gal can draw.But it worries me a bit to see that dead tree amidst a sunny day.If you believe in Freud or Jung, I see red here.Z is feeling empty amidst loving family & friends.

I hope it's just the long sch holiday which made you feel like that, gal.Kalau tak, I will have to send you to a boarding sch where you have friends 24/7.But you have to wash your own clothes, makan kena catu, etc.Will we have more unhappy trees in your drawing? :)


nik zafirah said...

ermm..i think the reason i drew the dead tree is 'cause i didnt know what else to draw and it so happens I saw this drawing in a book so I drew it.

so,the drawing has nothing to do with me feeling empty or watever,ok?

princess hanna said...

its really comel zaf,ur drawing.i mean,u hate art. u stopped your art classes ke masa holidays?patut continue jeee tau.