Wednesday, January 03, 2007

school's here..again!

After 7 weeks of full rest at home, I'm ready for another year of schooling and this year I started in a whole new environment which is my 3 Batai class. To be honest I expected negative outcomes by being in this class. You know by being the only one from Belian and not knowing ALMOST more than half of the class, I thought I would be singled out on the first few months.

I was wrong. Batai people are very friendly and I don't regret being in this class. For starters, some of them gave me welcoming gestures for being in their class. I appreciate that, thank you.

I was elected as AJK Kebersihan. From a prefect to AJK Kebersihan. Not bad. Seriously. The reason why I quit being a prefect was that I'M BORED of it. After ALMOST my whole schooling years (so far) had been devoted to my school prefectorial board, I think it's time to take a time out of it.

I'm enjoying every bit of my life now. YIPPEE!!!


princess hanna said...

i told u its nice to go to batai!actually no i didnt but err anyways,,,,, congrats on getting ajk kebersihan,though ;)
miss ya babe!

mysterio4eva said... seems that batai is a heck lot nicer than ur shitty belian last time.