Friday, July 16, 2010

Which One Prevails?

Alright, so decision has been made. In this battle of passion vs great opportunity, the favour goes to 'great opportunity'.

I officially withdrew from IIUM today and if everything goes well, I'll be starting my A-level in KYUEM next week. This was probably the hardest decision I had made so far in my life but it came after having deep discussions with my parents, seeking advices from experts some of which were economist of Bank Negara, former bank director and Econs graduates themselves. I weighed in the pros and cons of every possibility and that was what I came up with.

Initially, I didn't even want to apply for the scholarship as the whole process was so so tedious. But Ibu nagged me whole way through and I finally sent in my application the night of the dateline. And look where it got me. I couldn't be anymore thankful than this.

I had always seen myself as a lawyer, that perhaps Law was what I was meant to do. But I guess if things can change, so can visions and dreams. There's so much for me to say, on why I chose what I chose and I had already arranged those words in mind but decided to let those words just stay where they were. I don't need to explain the reason behind my decision as long as I'm ready for what's coming ahead of me.

I'm about to plunge into uncharted waters. I'll either sail through or I'll sink. But I've learned how to swim before this. In fact, that's how I got here.

Except that this time I'll have to swim harder.

P/S To those who missed seeing me in the newspapers, here they are. Hehehe ;)

News Straits Times. For the full article go here.

Utusan Malaysia. Though the title was off. 'Samseng sekolah'? Hah.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Hope you'll do great!