Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dilemma Oh Dilemma

I was in class when a Shell officer left a voice message on my phone, saying that I was chosen as one of their recipients for the Shell Overseas Scholarship. I refrained myself from jumping up and down and screaming in joy while Bro Mahyuddin was teaching about 'auction without reserve' in front of the class.

But when the excitement and joy had subsided down, I began to get into a dilemma. Of whether to accept the offer or not. They're offering me Finance/Economics where I can choose whichever Pre-University college I want to go to in Malaysia and later on for my degree, I am free to apply to whichever universities that I am keen on. I don't have the full details yet but will get them by next week.

It sounds like a great deal BUT I'm not sure if Finance/Economics is the thing for me, you know. Spending 2 months in UIA as its law student, I can feel it somewhere in me that Law suits who I am and my character. Plus it doesn't involve any maths or science. Ohh, how I love that!

When I first came here, I had mentally let go of all things related to Maths and Science since I thought I won't be needing them so much if I ended up with a Law degree. Like the other day, a friend asked me to solve this Add Maths-related question and all those numbers looked like Greek letters to me.

And now I'm supposed to take up an offer that involves a whole lot more of Maths and god-knows-what. How laaa? =/

It's a great offer, no doubt and I couldn't be even more thankful for this. The process of getting here wasn't an easy one. You would know if you read my previous posts. But there's also the other side of the coin which I would have to consider.

Because this could very much cause a major alteration of the road ahead of me.

It's Law vs Finance/Economics. It's passion vs a great opportunity.

Which will prevail?

Coming soon...

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all the best honey!