Thursday, May 03, 2007


If you have read my post on the KDU debate, at the last part I mentioned that I was supposed to prepare for a science quiz for district level. It was finally held today in SMK Sri Aman and SMKDJ was represented by me, Luke and Joel. And guess what??? Our beloved SMK Damansara Jaya was the CHAMPION of the Petaling district for the lower secondary science quiz!!!!!WEEEE!!!!

I couldn't believe my luck to be part of this marvellous team. The competition started off with a written objective test. 40 questions were to be answered in an hour and the top 4 teams with the highest tallied marks (there were 3 in a team) will proceed to the finals. DJ scored the highest marks in the written test out of around 30 schools that participated. Thus we went to the finals which was an oral quiz.

The finals was an intense moment for me. The finalists were us, SMK Seafied, SMK Damansara Utama and SMK USJ13. We started off pretty badly but with the help of the hero of the team a.k.a. Joel Tan we managed to climb up the spot to become the champion.

I did a pretty silly mistake at the beginning where I answered a question wrongly which was "what is the virus caused by the birds (or something like that)?" I rougly knew or at least I thought I knew the answer. The answer that was goin' through my mind was 'H5N something' but I wasn't too sure bout that. So I answered something out of the ordinary which will sound stupid and I don't think I want to tell you what I answered.

But for your reading pleasure, I'm obliged to tell you so. I answered SARS. Yea, I know. Silly me, eh?? The real answer was 'Influenza H5N 1'. Luke kept teasing me 'bout it even after the quiz ended. Right.....Influenza H5N1, I'll remember that 'till I die. LOL!

Anyway, after 2 rounds of questions, the results were announced and we were the winners!!!
I always thought myself as more of a language person but I guess today I discovered another part of my plus point.....SCIENCE. Thanks to Luke and Joel who rock the socks of the team!!!HAHAHA!!

Ohhh....and thanks to Michelle and Ying Yan for the choco bar you gave me today. That was really sweet of you girls and yeah, I do lurveeee choccies!!! ;)


Faridah said... nice to be a winner.Congrats, gal! You and your team did Petaling District proud.I hope you guys will win the national prize kiasu, huh? The important thing is you enjoy the learning experience.Even if you lose.

Andrew said...


nik zafirah said...

thx ppl!!! yea, it's nice to be a winner...n it's a nicer feeling when u win it for ur skool n make ur fellow DJians proud of wat we achieved (OMG!i sounded soo patriotic there...LOL!!)