Thursday, May 24, 2007

gone are the days....for now

WEE-HEEE!!!The much dreaded mid-term exams are finally OVER. Gone are the days where I have to 'burn the midnight oil' 'till 2 am. Gone are the days where I have to go through stacks of revision books and exercises all in the name of getting As. Gone are all the days where I wake up groggily in the morning having only 4-5 hours of sleep. Gone are those days.....FOR NOW, of course. Those hours and nights that I spent on studying better be worth it if not I'll jump down a block, undoubtedly(HEHE!!JOKING MUM!!!). It'll be in just another 2 more months before these days come by again where that time would be my trials and PMR....huhuhu ;(

But whatever it is, I just want to let my hair loose this holidays and just relax. Unfortunately, my hair would still be tied tightly in a bun (<---whatever that means) since I still have a workload of stuff to do. From my Sejarah project to a whole book of Agama book that needs to be done to a science project that I don't even know what or how to do. Haizz....Seems that this holidays won't be much of a holiday for me.

But look into the bright side, I'm gonna have a holiday of my own after the school reopens for 2 weeks so yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Anyway, is anyone interested in joining the INTEL Science and Engineering Competition? I need another person to join my group after one of the team members bailed out of the competition unexpectedly. We're supposed to invent something 'creative and innovative' in the field of science or engineering. Anyone interested just tell me, ok?


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