Sunday, July 16, 2006

eng oral test

These few days, I was swamped with piles of works to do so no time to blog. Anyway, on Friday, we had oral test with Ms. Sathya. My topic was 'sleeping in class'. What a lame topic! I created some stupid story 'bout a boy who slept in class during a really boring sub and was punished by the teacher later on for sleeping in class by making him sleep on the floor without anything covering it.

Apparently, my classmates liked it, so, that's a relief. After that we had 30 mins before the end of the period so Ms, Sathya suggested games that we would like to play. We started off with the lame 'hangman' game. I never liked hangman. After that, we proceeded with the 'continue the sentence' game.

Giri started the game by saying "Mei Ching is an opera singer". Everything went well until it was Kelvin's turn to continue the story. His one was "Giri kidnapped her and brought her to his house ". That was still a bit ok but the climax was when it came to Sathiya's turn. He had no idea what to say then Wei Chern said to him "then she opened her clothes".

I said to Sathiya don't say it if you don't want Ms. Sathya to explode with anger 'cause it is something that should be censored. But then, Sathiya chosed wrong over right and said Wei Chern's sentence and the whole class erupted with laughter when he said it.

Not Ms. Sathya who, like I said exploded with anger. She started blabbing 'bout sanity and how corrupted our class is and started scolding Sathiya and Wei Chern for embarassing Mei Ching with those sentences. Mei Ching even cried.

Actually, I quite agree with Ms. Sathya (for the first time) bout how wrong the 2 boys were and they shouldn't be saying those sentences before that. I can totally feel what Mei Ching felt. She must be really embarassed by it.

This teach us a lesson not to care about our feelings only 'cause ours is not the only one that matters.

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Faridah said...

oh mannn...that's sexual harassment in its early days for you guys...pls get the uncultured boyz to apologise to the girl who cried.You must learn from now or you will carry this attitude to adulthood.Learn to respect women from now.Duh...where do you pick up these bad habits? (buka2 baju dan seluar ni?) Masa kecik tak cukup ke buka baju and seluar in public? :(