Tuesday, July 11, 2006

'3 things'

These past few days had been a really boring one so nothing much to blog 'bout. Anyway, to those of you who wanted to know what '3 things' Chee Fai owed me, (especially Sam) here they are:

1. My precious pink debate rebuttal cards that he borrowed from me
(it was one of my first debates so it's like a treasure to me)

2. He promised to link me on his blog (it was a promise he made MONTHS AGO)

3. He promised to comment on my blog (something he promised MONTHS AGO TOO)

So, so far he already fulfilled 2 things which are no 2 and no 3. But the most important thing is the rebuttal cards which he still haven't return it back and for all I know, he might have lost it.

The '3 things' were really nothing but I don't know why both of us became really secretive 'bout it. Just wanting to feel like we have a big secret together once in awhile. LOL!

p/s hey, sam! sorry if u'r angry if we didn't wanna tell you 'bout wat happened this evening
'cause that one is a real secret.....


Samantha said...

dun worry abt me getin angry...worry abt sum1 else.....anyway WADEVA MANN...DUH REMIXX......have happy secrets together...after those 3 secrets ie rebuttal cards im much less inquisitive XD

nik zafirah said...

hopefully that sum1 won't be angry wif me 2day....