Saturday, July 29, 2006

choir pm session, u rock!!!!!

Just came back from Hari Penghargaan Ko-kurikulum. I was supposed to wake up late today but instead I had to reach school by 7 am. Anyway, I went there to collect my 2 prizes (choir and netball) and also to perform on behalf of choir.

The afternoon session sang 2 songs which was "Untukmu Malaysia" and "I Bought Me A Cat". Well, the english song was really stupid and lame but I guessed the audiences found it rather entertaining and hilarious. Here's some of the list of the winners for this year:

Persatuan Akademik Terbaik (sesi pagi) : English Language Society
Persatuan Akademik Terbaik (sesi petang) : Persatuan Sains dan Matematik

Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik (sesi pagi) : DJnet Club
Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik (sesi petang) : KELAB MUZIK DAN KOIR (unbeliavable!)

Persatuan Pakaian Seragam Terbaik : Kadet Remaja Sekolah (suprisingly scouts did not win this year)

Sukan dan Permainan Terbaik : Cheer Team (knew it)

I can't believe my beloved choir won "Persatuan Bukan Akademik Terbaik" for afternoon session. But we did work hard for it and all the credits should be given to the ever dedicated Pn Nancy Lee who's been really strict with us nowadays so that we'll be more discipline. And also to the other committed choir members who had worked really hard by practising everyday for the past few weeks.

Determination and commitment are the keys to success.........


princess hanna said...

i loveee d 'i bought me a cat' song..!u guys look sooo comel singing it..

nik zafirah said...

comel??!! r u kidding me???....ok i trust ur judgement...LOL

nik zafirah said...
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Fieran said...

Hey, DJnet still exists? do you have the link to their site?