Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hilarious Cartoonival

I had an NIE meeting at Hana's house with my Fab Five team except for Samantha who was in Singapore. We managed to finish a poster and another 2 to go. I can't reveal the details of the poster yet since the dateline isn't over.

Anyway, at around 12.30 pm, my mum called and said that she got 5 extra tickets to go to the Cartoonival show in KL Convention Centre. I know what you're thinking right now. OK, fine. Cartoonival might be too childish for 14 year old teen but hey, they were free and worth RM 250 each.

So, since they were 4 people at the meeting, (Me, Hana, Grace and Amanda) I invited them to go with me plus my mum since she's the one who brought us there.

Oh, god! At first I regretted the idea of coming to the show since all I could see were kids aged around 2-10 years old. But no point turning back since we were in the Plenary Hall already. It was something like a broadway show with the famous cartoon network characters dancing and singing onstage. From Powerpuff Girls to Dexter the Laboratory to the Ayu and Yumi,(whatever they're called)... they were all there.

For a moment, it was kinda good to go back and enjoy the moments of your childhood like watching again these cute characters of your used-to-be fave tv show. But not for long! Suprisingly, the characters also rapped their songs! Hilariously cute.

My friends and I even my mum enjoyed the show although it was too childish for us. My mum even said that one of the characters who was apparently a human was cute. Well, I quite agree with her. LOL!!!

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Faridah said...

I thought it was pretty lively that cartoonival.But our audience so keras.I expected the kids (and their moms)to scream their hearts out, laugh at the right places, etc.

These people travel the world cos' they make more money abroad than they do at home in the US.

But since we got the tickets free, I will not complain. :)