Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exam Results

After 2 weeks of holidays, I've gotten back all my marks. Sadly, my position might drop to don't know what number 'cause of the bloody Math results!!! Here is a list of my exam results:

BM: 91 (Yay! Improved by a few marks)
ENG: 87 (Not bad)
SEJ: 90 (If I have gotten full marks for my project, I'll at least get to draw with Wei Chern)
GEO: 87 (Wo-hoo!! The sub I hate the most and I get an A)
SCIENCE: 89 (Dropped a few marks....)
AG: 95 (YES!!! One of the highest in the class. He he he.)
SENI: 81 (Finally an A in seni)
KH: 91 (Not bad)
Math: (UH-huh, i'm not telling you this one)

So, basically my marks dropped like hell 'cause of Math. And Wei Chern is bloody happy now since he got to beat me in exams which he seldom did. Just watch out, man!

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