Thursday, June 22, 2006

History repeats itself

After 3 days of only 5 hours of sleep each night, finally the DJ Open Debate organized by the English Society has ended.....for my team consisting of me, Samantha, Jun Wen and Jayshendra. To be in a debate team, your willingness to commit fully to the team is very important. That's what I learned from this debate comp.

Anyway, our first motion was "This house believes that Internet inhibits human's nature as a social being" and we were the opposition team. We went against the form 3s. I was kinda spooked by that time earlier on because they don't seem nervous at all especially Neal who seems really hyperactive. The 2nd speaker, Rabin even binded his speech!

But thank god we won against them! Next up the semifinal against the 2 Batai's team consisting of Keeth, Daryl and Jo-Yi. Uh-huh, we lost to this team before during the inter-class debate way back in Feb. The motion was "This house believes that the sovereignty of a country depends on a strong economy rather than a strong military" and we were the Government team. Tough motion? Oh, yeah it was a tough one for us.

To make things worse. During the semifinal, it was raining heavily so I had to shout out my speech on top of my voice and still then, they really couldn't hear it. So, just imagine how loud was the sound.

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. The 2 Batai's team won.......again! And Samantha won the "Best Speaker". (congrats!) I wish Daryl and his teammates good luck in the finals which I'm sure will be much tougher.

But one thing for sure, that won't be my last debate as a debater 'cause I'm starting to love debating. It's my passion now!


NealT said...

Kekeke, wanna know why i was hyperactive? Cause i was nervous ._."... Anyways good job on the debate =)... You are damn good XD...... TAGG MEE @ =) XD...

nik zafirah said...

btw, congrats on ur best speaker title, neal. u deserved it. >.<