Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the (ok, ok) exam marks

My dad has finally got back from his London trip after more than 2 weeks of being away. He bought me a really nice brown sling bag, shirts and jeans and the NEXT perfume. My mom is freaking jealous with me since he bought me more stuff than her. LOL.

Anyway, I got back by end-year-exams marks. Here they are:

BM: 87 (dropped a lot)
ENG: 90 (a suprising rise)
SC: 88 (ok, ok jer)
GEO: 87 (same as ever)
SEJ: 96 (whoo...but not good enough compared to Jia Yi)
KH: 86 (dropped as well)
SENI: 88 (an amazing marks for a subject that I hate the most)
MATH: an A (better)

And with that I got no. 7 in class.
Sathiya said that if he doesn't get top 10 in this term, than he will be transfered to a Kelana Jaya school. He didn' like what Zhan Wen said, "Happy Kelana Jaya, Sathiya!!!"


princess hanna said...

congrats on getting 7th! and also your straight A's. btw, u told me your dad bought u one more thing.something that he bought for your mom also. hmm =P anyways, keep up the good work and well, say "happy kelana jaya" to sathiya for me too,kay! =p

nik zafirah said...

well, congrats to u too for getting 1st in ur class. keep up the gud work, gurl :-D

Faridah said...

So you knew it too, Hanna? :))
It was very embarrasing for Z's dad to be lingering in the women's section for so long...membelek2 size apa utk isteri, size apa utk anak.Ha ha.You know you have a good man as a husband/dad if he's willing to go through all that! Demi sayang.Ha ha.Sssshh...keep it to yourself.

mysterio4eva said...

i can't believe u actually beat me in ALMOST every subject except for MATH i'm sure. never mind, i'll be back next year.