Friday, October 06, 2006

thank god

Finally......the craziest month of this year has finally ended. End-year-exams are over!!!! I can now eat, sleep and breathe properly. Don't ask me how my exams were. I wasn't really in top form due to some ailments.

My friends asked me, "You're fasting while having exams?" I nodded. They said, "Huh, pity you. I must drink and eat a lot during exams. If not, I cannot think properly."

Well, don't pity me for I have nothing to be pitied for. Pity those who are in the war zones. The kids and teens who are in Iraq, Lebanon, Kosovo and the list goes on. Sometimes we are too comfortable and pampered that we never stop from what we're doing to thank GOD for what we have.

Instead we keep asking for more and more. Those people in the warzones don't even have a place to shelter them for the heat and cold, no food to keep them alive and sometimes they don't even have parents to comfort them when bombs blast off on their own land.

But we have more than that. We have parents that give us ALMOST everything we need, a house equipped of whatever things we can think of and definitely we have enough food on our dining table in fact too much food that we're being labelled a 'FAT NATION'!

Yet we never appreciate all this. For once in our lives, stop complaining and thank God for what we have for we don't know what is waiting for us in the future. Maybe one day we might turn into a bloody nation from a nation which is peaceful before that. But of course, I wouldn't want to bet on that. But still......


princess hanna said...

you know,you're right.well,about the kids in lebanon and all that la.and,come to think of it,i havent been appreciating the teeny tiny little things that i get.but now i know.but wat i know is that,i have been appreciating having you and all the rest as my really really great-and-understanding-and-loveable-and-fabulouso-and-everything i would ever want in a friend-kind of friends.alhamdulillah..thank you,god. =)

Faridah said...

What can I say except that I feel terribly2 guilty about over-eating.I agree with everything you say, gal.I guess a nation without conscience is not a nation at all.So what do you suggest we do? Adopt a child like Brad Pitt and Angie Jolie? Is that enough? Or do we make a conscious effort to live well and always in rememberance of God? See, hear and do no evil?

I think Ramadan is just for that.To reflect and look within.

&&hearts said...

Gee! I still want to know hows ur exam. Wish u all the best for the result. Girl, u remind me of the ppl in Iraq. I really cant imagine how they can survive. *salute* With that we have to learn to appreciate everthing around us. Right?

nik zafirah said...

well, thank u hanna for thinking that i'm an understanding n loveable fren. we had a few bumps and hitches along our journey as frens but i guess our sincerity in this friendship that kept this relationship goin'. forever frens, gal!

adopting a child like what the brangelina is doing? that sounds cool to me actually since i've been craving for a bro or a sis. i think what we ought to do is just live well with the others without having to go through wars.
tell me 1 solid reason y we shud hav wars in this world?

mysterio4eva said...

sometimes I don't understand some people.they don't appreciate what they have like what you said they complained that the weather in malaysia is too hot for them and they can't stand it.
they're exam marks are low if it's not above 85 though i think it's stupid to think that 80 above is really low.

you know what they should do? if the weather is too sucky and too hot for them, then they should blast off their asses somewhere where the weather suits them. we don't need these people anyway.
and if they think they're marks are too low even if it's an A, they should study harder and not blame the teacher. it's your problem if you don't know how to answer the questions. i'm seriously fed-up with this kind of people