Thursday, May 11, 2006

b'day gurl

Yay! Today's my birthday!!! I got a Swatch watch, a pair of Nike shoes, Body Glove T-shirts and a brownie choc cake from my parents. A lot of wishes from my friends and few presents from others.

Anyway, yesterday I took part in 'Pertandingan Puisidra Sek. Men. Daerah Petaling'. I lost, unfortunately. I was supposed to 'mendeklamasikan sajak' but things went wrong onstage.

I had 2 of my frens, Alia and Hil as my backdrops. When it was Alia's turn to read her lines, the mic wasn't working and I had to stand there like a 'dungu' while waiting for the mic to be repaired.

Then, Hil was supposed to play the "This Is My Time" song on her handphone. When it came to her part to play the song, she left her phone at the other end of the stage! It was kind of too late to take the phone but the show must go on.

What an embarassment! Some stupid technical problems can bring a failure to you. But I see this from a positive view. I'll take this as an experience as it is my first participation in this competition. Even if it's a bad one.

This taught me a lesson to work harder and not be over- confident the next time. What a lesson.........

But one good thing 'bout yesterday, though. My friends were very supportive 'bout me being in this competition. Some even came early to school just to give me moral support since the competition is in the morning and in our school.

Alia, Hanna and Anis even did a poster to show their strong supports to me. Thanks, people! Love you, gurls!!!!!

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