Monday, December 31, 2007


Tomorrow would be a fresh, new start in most of our lives, a new year, 2008. 2007 had been an amazing year for me. Let's have a little recap on what went on with my life in the year 2007:

- The start of 2007 with fabulous months ahead of me
- Started the schooling year with a new class, 3 Batai
- Played for SMKDJ's Under 15 netball's team at MSSD level
- Ibu's 44th birthday

- The pace of 2007 started to speed up a lil and 3 Batai's BM debate team (consisted of me, Daryl and Keefe) won 1st place in the interclass debate
- Departure of ibu to the States, leaving my dad and I at home for the next 4 months but she left her love with us. LOL

- The month where I 'fired' my home tutor for being rather......unhelpful on my lessons
- Had a friendship crisis but thankfully everything was fine at the end

- Represented school in English debate for the first time at KDU English Debate Competition. Though we didn't clinch any of the top positions, it was good exposure for the team.
- DJ won 1st place in Science Quiz Competition at district level when DJ's team (me, Joel and Luke) managed to stay at the top of the game

- Geared up for mid term exams and thankfully my grades were up after I joined a tuition centre and not with my ex-tutor
- My maternal grandma was hospitalised because of some heart problems, puttting the family in a 'blue funk' situation
- My 15th birthday!

- Mid term holidays!!!
- Enjoyed 2 weeks of June in the East Coast of USA with my parents. One of the most memorable holidays of my life

- A poem written in BM by me was chosen to represent DJ and won 1st prize at district level

- Busy with PMR trials so there wasn't much to do other than study

- Hmm...can't think of anything worth recaping. Probably busy studying for PMR. Gawd, my life's boring!

- THE month finally came. From 1st to 5th, most form 3s were brain storming for the big PMR exams
- Eid Mubarak was celebrated by my family in modesty in Pahang. Had a small open house on the 2nd week of Syawal

- End year holidays and the end of Form 3!
- And for the holidays, I became a reading teacher to my 7 year old cousin and I'm happy to tell that he's better now compared to when he first started. So my teachings paid off!

- I joined Turkish classes and will do so for the next 6 months. And the classes are free! And if I'm good enough, I'll be able to go to Turkey next year
- Eid ul-Adha was celebrated in Pahang again and also in a spa resort in Cyberjaya for my family
- And I got 8As for my PMR!

So basically that was how my 2007 went on. With each moment spent, it brought a new experience to me. And hopefully 2008 would be an even greater, happier, more exciting year.

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