Thursday, December 27, 2007

8 As!!!

The day most 15 year olds in Malaysia had been waiting for finally arrived this morning. The PMR results day! I'd been worried and nervous about today and well honestly I didn't know what to expect from my results. I had high expectations from people around me and if I let them down by not achieving what was targeted...well that would be quite a major disaster for me.

And so the verdict......I got 8 As!!! Alhamdullilah. Finally my hardwork for the year paid off. My friends and I were practically trembling an hour before the results were released. Lol. Hanna and Anis actually cried before they even knew what they got. And finally at around 11 am Puan Tan gave out the results and I would say Bataians did really well this time. And Nunu got 8 As too and oh my, she was really surprised that her shrieks could be heard echoing the entire hall. But it's totally fine seeing as how happy she was.

And so the year 2007 ended with a big bang for me and great congratulations to all of you who did extremely well for your PMR! Hopefully, we'll get to continue this success in the future =)

Hmmm... I'm wondering what should I ask from my parents?

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