Saturday, December 01, 2007


MERHABA! That would mean 'Hello' in Turkish. I started my first Turkish language class yesterday. It was totally fun! Alparslan and Soats came to my house to teach Najwa and me Turkish and I never thought that learning could ever be this entertaining. This class was actually part of the Turskish Language Olympics. You learn Turkish for 6 months, sit for an exam at the end of that period and if you pass with flying colours, you'll get to go to Turkey for 3 weeks for FREE!

I asked a few of my friends to join along but the response I got was disappointing or rather shocking. When asked to join this class, one of them said, "Sorry, this isn't my thing. No fun in it". Jeez. You didn't even try and you assumed it would not be fun. Well the thing was that I think this friend of mine did not see knowledge seeking as something fun. Yea, I know, I sounded like a total nerd there.

But really, it's interesting to learn something new and fresh about the world, about other people's cultures, heritage, history or language. And many of us don't see that. I learned something about the Turks, they're proud of their motherland, their history particulalyly the Ottoman Empire, their language, their literature, in short, they were proud about anything and everything that had to do with Turkey.

And the Turkish were one of the nicest people I'd ever met. So yea, you should go to Turkey if you possibly can. You'll enjoy it very much like I did 2 years ago. =)

Gule Gule
(Goodbye in Turk)

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