Monday, December 24, 2007

aidil adha, resort and bday treat

Morning of Aidil Adha with Irfie

The night of the feast

The first fish I ever caught!

In the balcony of the resort

The shoes Hanna bought for me!

This week had been the most exciting week of my life ever since holidays started. I was busy with Aidil Adha the last few days. Gosh, was it fun! My grandma held a huge feast or 'kenduri' on Saturday and for the first time in my life I was part of the 'cooking team' that prepared the food for the 100 people who came on that day. And I never did so many work in my life as many as that particular day. From chopping onions to cleaning up the slaughtered meat to entertaining the guests, I did it all. But it was something different for me so it was ok.

So after 5 days in Pahang, my parents and I spent a night at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa. And for the 2nd time in my life I went fishing and for the 1st time in my life I actually caught a fish! After fishing at the lake in the resort, I tried my hands at tennis and boy, do i suck badly in it....and right before we left, we went for a dip in the pool.

From the resort, I shot straight to OU to celebrate Nunu's belated birthday. And my dearest Hanna bought me a pair of shoes from Vincci. Thanks a bunch babe! And now let the pics above do the rest of the talking =)

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