Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 46th Birthday Ibu!!!

When you hit the big 46 age, it's a different world altogether. Just ask your parents (if they're older than 40) and you'll know. Today was my mum's 46th birthday.

Gone were the days where she had loud, top 40 music blaring from the radios at her party. Gone too were the days where she played musical chairs and all those party games. When you're 46 and's more about giving than receiving and also modesty.

I bought her an MNG shirt as a birthday gift. Yes, my cool, hip mum still wears MNG at her age.

And she decided to celebrate her birthday at an orphanage near Sungai Buloh. One thing that wasn't gone was her love for magic. There was a clown to entertain and the orphans were excited and happy to see us amid the turbulations of being orphaned and underpriviliged.

To my beloved Ibu, Happy 46th Birthday!!

May you have another glorious, great 46 years to come.

With the birthday woman

How cute!

Pinko, the clown

Cupcakes! Yummy!

My dad and foreign 'brothers' from Central Africa, Bosnia and Palestine

One of the kids from the orphanage

Mahmoud the Pirate and Pinko

Cake time!

Ali presenting a calipraghy art to my mum that took him 5 hours to do

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alicia$_$ said...

HAPPY BDAY TOU YOU!!!cute kidzzz!!!wanna go take them to poland and let them live with me!!!