Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Krash Pad-ing 18, Zaffy!

You see, I'm kinda tired of celebrating birthdays with dinners at TGIF, Chilli's etc with friends. It's alright but quite the typical case, isn't it?

So instead of that, for my 18th birthday this year, the party was held at...Krash Pad! Yeah, the place where I've been volunteering at for the past few weeks. Decided to celebrate and share my birthday with the kids of Krash Pad and oh boy, what a party it was! ;)

We had magic show, head-banging performances, ice-creams, party games, you know, the whole party shebang. And the kids were amazing. Some of them had never celebrated their birthdays before so sharing this with them sort of gave them that small taste of birthday celebrations.

And they thoroughly enjoyed it! When you see joyous faces, widespread smiles and gaily laughters coming from these kids, you can't help but to glow with them too.

What a way to turn older eh?

Muchas gracias to friends and family who were willing to come down to KL and spend their Sunday evening at the party. The other volunteers of Krash pad were also very helpful with the setting up of the party and what not.

And thank you Ibu and Papa for sponsoring the party. Love you much! =)

Say Hello to Chase the Magician

The kids being entertained by Chase. And that's Rauf munching on tissue papers. Haha you ahh macha =p

The pretty girlfriends. Mimi, Me, Hanna and Nunu

Let's blow the party away!


The Krash Pad band setting up before playing a couple of great songs for everyone.

Our very own rendition of 'Telephone' by Keefe, Mimi and Nunu. The crowd got wild at the 'Eh eh eh eh' part. Lollersss!

With some of the kids. Well actually they are my cousins. Little (sometimes naughty) toddlers, they are.

Briefing them on the party games. We played the 'musical newspaper'. A version of musical chair but on newspaper.

And let the game begins!

Cake-cutting ceremony. I see thousands of hands on the same cake knife. Haha.


On another note, some photos from the lunch at Wondermilk on my birthday itself. With most of us leaving for university soon at different parts of the country, this one had been good. We all shall be missed :)

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